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Has anyone actually cut something with v1.3 yet?

Bridge AceBridge Ace Member Posts: 62
edited January 2010 in General
I just downloaded it, and I've been having fun playing with all the new stuff just like everyone else. But I am curious. Who was the first to actually cut something with it? Did it work as advertised? (Please say yes!!!)


  • rachellann_714rachellann_714 Member Posts: 848
    I think everybody is having fun trying out new things first. I know I made some new files but not posted them or cut them yet.
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  • stackyscrapsstackyscraps Member Posts: 1,084
    I have not cut but I have done the shift+double click and looked at the cutting paths and they look right. I have never had anything that cut different than that preview personally.
  • Bridge AceBridge Ace Member Posts: 62
    OK... couldn't wait. It cut just fine. The more I work out the new features, the more I am impressed - especially with the new boolean options!
  • craftydivacraftydiva Member Posts: 265
    I'm not going to have chance to do anything at all with it until the weekend : ( I teach cardmaking today at my little craft shop, I have another set of 90 wedding invitations to do by the weekend (easy ones though...lol) and another wedding to get on with ASAP along with a Masonic ladies evening (menu's etc) I know I shouldn't complain but all of these have come together and I probably won't get another until July(if at all)

    On the upside, there should be tutorials to help me when I get around to it!!
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