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Which website is the developers?

sweetsmomsweetsmom Member Posts: 2
edited January 2010 in General
I have noticed two websites with very similar names. Which website is the Make the Cut developers, this one or the .net one? I want to clarify this so when I buy my software I don't have any issues. It seems to be this one but I want to be sure. Thanx


  • K_leeK_lee Member Posts: 6,416
    It's this one for sure. the .com one!
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  • iggyloveriggylover Moderator Posts: 11,513
    The website that the actual program takes you to is: http://www.make-the-cut.com/ So consider this one as belonging to Andy aka tucirc, the developer.
    The other one: http://makethecut.net/ ...hmm, I don't know if that belongs to an affiliate who has the right to offer it at a lower price or not. There are many users here with their own blogs and websites who have permission to sell MTC software and offer coupons, but you have to search for those off the forum per Andy's request. HTH

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