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.svg files, question... why do they go to worksheet from gallery?

craftluv45craftluv45 Member Posts: 210
edited January 2010 in General
When downloading designs to the worksheet or cutting mat in the program, only the .svg files go onto an already existing worksheet, and you can't just save from the gallery... Why are they not like the MTC files we can save right away? If I have another project already on my screen, it says 'added to your project', and then you have to separate all of them with a break and save them separately.. often I miss some and they get lost or discarded when eliminating the mtc file that opens... Actually, for me it would be good to be able to just 'save' and not have the design from the gallery appear on my workspace, when I download I'm not doing that to use it, so to just file it away would be great for me.


  • SheriSheri Member Posts: 539
    I always make sure I have a blank page ready when I go to the gallery. Last night I saved like 6 things on one page and then split them and saved each one individually. I do know what you mean thou. I wasnt sure what to do so I now have a svg file where I same them and a MTC file where I save the ones that automattically save. I just have to remember where to find things. I hope I dont end up having a mess on my hands.

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