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Is there a way to view MTC files?

ScrappyOneScrappyOne Member Posts: 1
edited January 2010 in General
I have downloaded some MTC files from the Gallery - (Thank you!) - Is there a way to view the MTC file when you go to "Open" like when you open a SVG file there is a preview window??



  • craftluv45craftluv45 Member Posts: 210
    A control like a 'thumbnail viewer' that you could click on and then view your files from the program would be great! I've been doing screen shots and saving those of each design, and it is very time consuming, and often I don't do that, so all one sees is the MTC logo on the file... it'd be great if they opened when you specify 'thumbnails' as to 'view' in our operating system, but I think Microsoft has to add MTC as a format to generate a graphic for that. Would be very nice to help make selections of what you want to have such a viewer.. I agree.
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