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Techniques for handling score lines?

ScrapGuyScrapGuy Member Posts: 70
edited January 2010 in General
We've been playing around with some box designs and need to have some way of easily adding score lines. Anyone have some good tips/tricks for doing this with MTC?

I was thinking about using visible/invisible, putting the score lines as very thin rectangles on the lines I want to score - but it seems clumsy at best. It would actually be good to have a basic shape that is a slit (ie. it just cuts a line). Is it best to do another pass with the blade upside down to do the scoring? Or is it better to use the blade at a much lower pressure and/or depth?

Ideally, it would be great to have the concept of layers, like in SCAL or Inkscape (though I find the SCAL implementation awkward).

Anyone have any good approaches?


  • craftluv45craftluv45 Member Posts: 210
    I'd like to have little 'dots' like a period, that you could change with line length at will.. I tried to do that today, and had no luck as to get it thin enough for the dots to barely show and be far enough apart so the card wouldn't have a 'tear off' instead of a score, I completely lost the line and ability to shorten, lengthen or whatever on my worksheet... very frustrating... plus as so small, some of the controls don't work on it.

    My RoboMaster software has the option for several types of lines/scores to add... with the slits, sometimes they are too large or whatever, and actually create a weak place in the item where it looks like you can tear it off easily, and the thing doesn't hold together as well when done, so that it why I stated I'd prefer tiny dots... far enough apart to not tear, barely there and very small, but just enough to be able to create a fold.
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