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More copyright issues/concerns

LaserBeamLaserBeam Member Posts: 20
edited January 2010 in General
Rhonda Jayne posted a great link to copyright myths in a Jan 9 post.

However, I still have a couple of questions--especially since the questions I have are specifically related to some of the images that are posted in the free Make the Cut gallery. (And, CNN is reporting this morning that the infamous case of the woman caught sharing 24 measley songs over the internet has been fined--after an appeal--$54,000 for her crime).

Are there ANY concerns with posting files on this site for LICENSED images (i.e. the Disney and Dora Explorer characters?). Another example is a a monkey image (#187) that is a Rubber Soul rubber stamp image (http://rubbersoul.myshopify.com/products/monkey-boy-1).

Knowledge? Thoughts? Opinions?


  • cropgalcropgal Member Posts: 286
    Personally, if I was Andy, I would not want any copyrighted images posted to the gallery. That is just opening himself up for trouble. I have no problem using copyrighted images for my own use, but I would never share them on a public board...I'm too afraid "big brother" would be watching! Of course that doesn't keep me from downloading free files that others have shared...LOL!
  • mom6hsrmom6hsr Member Posts: 277
    not to get into the 'copyright' or not, but I hope that anyone who has NOT purchased mtc does NOT have access to the gallery, this is one means of keeping what is shared a bit more private...
  • rachellann_714rachellann_714 Member Posts: 848
    when I down loaded the trial verion to begin with it let me into the gallery , I don't think you need to purchase to down load from the gallery it just doesn't let you actually post to it until you do purchase from what I was able to see when I first started using it that was a help was seeing the others files knowing that the program accually did work.
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  • maliamalia Member Posts: 382
    Perhaps the trial version people should see only a few sample projects. I do not know if this is possible of course? LOL
  • happy2bscrappinhappy2bscrappin Member Posts: 973
    Disney is notorious for not wanting their images used without permission, and permission is almost impossible to get.
  • mom6hsrmom6hsr Member Posts: 277
    about Disney, yes this is true, but in other craft areas, you can still buy them or make them. There are still websites from other countries that sell their items, and anyone in the world can and do purchase them.
    I've watched this happen over the years, oh, they just make an example out of person every few years it seems. big to do, then it dies down, then they repeat it.

    marleea, thats a good idea!, wonder if Andy could do that.
  • nomemnomem Member Posts: 3,106
    I'm new and not going to be popular. I support not using or "stealing" "copyrighted," etc images.
  • craftydivacraftydiva Member Posts: 265
    everyone has their own opinion and I think we are all adult enough to respect that.
  • LaserBeamLaserBeam Member Posts: 20
    edited January 2010
    Hmmm... this thread has taken off in a couple of different directions so I'm not sure if what I asked made sense. I think we're all in the same book, but maybe not on the same page? I totally HATE typing responses on message boards because people often times immediately take offense. And I also hate it that I have to apologize for what I want to say. I promise I'm not trying to be confrontational or sarcastic or forceful in my opinions or comments. But here goes...

    Yes, I think the gallery should be restricted to only people who have purchased the software. However, keeping "private" what is being shared shouldn't be a cover for the use of "stolen" images. This probably ISN'T what mom6hsr meant, but in the context of a copyright question, I'm not sure how that response fit in?

    And, yes, Disney images are available for purchase in various places, but the copyright issue is in the purchaser sharing those images (for free or for sale) with others.

    The whole reason I brought this question up is because I don't want to download a cute image I found in the gallery, make a card or layout with it, post it on my blog, give credit to the Make the Cut gallery, and cause anybody (and in this case, first and foremost, I mean ME) to get into some kind of $54,000-worth-of-fines trouble as the woman did who shared her music over the internet. I don't want to be that every-few-years example person.

    I'm probably going way overboard here, but I know "lack of knowledge" doesn't automatically return an "innocent" verdict. I really think this is a fair and reasonable topic to further explore if anyone has specific/more clear knowledge of copyright law.
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,319
    LaserBeam - the best answer is when in doubt - don't do it. Can't get in legal problems if you don't use a copyright image and post it out for the world to see. That's the easy answer.

    I too am concerned for Andy and MTC. I think he needs to make sure that copyrighted images are not posted in the gallery for others to share and use. I don't want him to get in legal problems and have to shut down - after all this is a great program and we wouldn't want to lose it. I especially would not want any of Cricut's cart images posted to be shared as that would truly be waving a red flag at the Bull in my opinion! LOL

    We all know (or are learning quickly) what this software can do and therefore know how to take ANY image that we can get into our computer and make it into a file you can cut with your cricut. There are directions out there for those still trying to figure it out. However, some images should not be shared in the Gallery once you have done so, those would be any copyrighted images, this is to protect yourself, Andy and this forum. Again, just my opinion.
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  • nomemnomem Member Posts: 3,106
    I agree with with craftydiva...we all have our own own opinions and should be able to respect others' opinions (even if we don't agree).
    I know that most Disney, etc characters/images are copyrighted.
  • craftydivacraftydiva Member Posts: 265
    Meflick, you are right, when in doubt, keep the files to yourself, if someone needs the file, you could always email it...
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,319
    nomem - I'm confused by your reply? I don't see where anyone has not respected others' opinons here about whether or nnot copyrighted images should or shouldn't be shared. If your reply is in direct reply to my post I'm really confused. My point was that I agree, we should not be sharing copyrighted images here on the forum as it can only lead to potential legal problems for lots of people, most importantly Andy. I was pointing out we all know how to do it but knowing how to do it doesn't make it legal and doing it for personal use and doing it and sharing it for the World are two different animals the second one being the one to get you in trouble the quickest - doesn't mean the first one won't get you in trouble as well, but less likely to be "found".
    Go Vols!
    Cutting with 18" Silver Bullet and a KNK Force (the rest are collecting dust!)
  • LaserBeamLaserBeam Member Posts: 20
    One more quickie little point... When it doubt is absolutely correct. It's when I don't have a clue that I SHOULD be in doubt that is bothering me. The cute little monkey (#187) that I pointed out earlier is a good example. I happen to own the Rubber Soul stamp with that image. Had I not owned it, I wouldn't have a clue that I should possibly be concerned about using it in a layout and posting it on my blog.

    I haven't taken the opportunity to post any MTC or .svg files in the gallery yet. I know you have to be a member to post, but does it have any kind of questionnaire to fill out that indicates the images being posted are original works? And by original, I don't mean saving an image found on the internet, tracing it, and converting it to an .svg--that may not be in the original format, but it's NOT an original work. And neither is an manipulating an image just a little bit and declaring it orignial.

    I definitely don't want Andy to get into trouble either. This software is totally awesome. I don't know if he's reading this or not so I'll try to contact him to check out this thread.
  • Rhoda JayneRhoda Jayne Member Posts: 1,640
    Thanks for reading the copyright link that I sent & thanks for taking the time to let me know that you saw it! I've been involved in digitalscrapping for 5+ years & digital piracy is a sad part of that world too.
    I've mentioned before that I have concerns about the things that are shared through the MTC program. When there was the big discussion on using the screenshot feature I was really afraid that someone would slip up & share something straight from a cartridge.
    On another note, please be on the lookout to inform Andy of potential downloads to places like rapidshare.
    I have "Make the Cut" as a google alert & I get daily updates from mentions of it on the web, blogs & news. The other night a link came up from rapidshare & someone had made a request for a MTC cutting software download. I forwarded the link to Andy to make him aware of it.
    I think that the MTC yahoo group has taken the stance of not sharing copyrighted material throughout the yahoo group. As a group owner, they are the ones responsible for what's shared through the group. Same goes for Andy & MTC.
  • mom6hsrmom6hsr Member Posts: 277
    Addressing LaserBeams 2nd post about my post: Yes, you are correct, as it was not my intention to try + cover up illegal designs. Unfortunately, a comment can be taken the way it was not meant. sorry 'bout thats. My first posts response was to try + get off the subject of copyright, simply because its what I term a 'heated' topic.

    I will attempt to explain myself...
    I thought LaserBeams might of uploaded a design to the gallery + she was worried about it being available on the net. I was attempting (obviously, not successful) at changing the subject + giving an option to releive her worry (if that was the case). Hey, I want the gallery so only those who PURCHASE mtc have access to it, that was my main intent about that, I wanted you to have to buy it. (my attempt at a sales pitch??) I did not think it was fair to have access to all those designs + not buy mtc. ya, know what I means?
    oh, well, obviously not...

    So, I will end with what I wish I would of just done in my first post:
    To answer the original question of "Are there ANY concerns with posting files on this site for LICENSED images (i.e. the Disney and Dora Explorer characters?)."

    simply, YES.

    Now, I will not be posting as much, as my xmas break and a medical break (ended Fri) are up, and I have to get back to my life before MTC.
  • SharonS_579SharonS_579 Member Posts: 167
    The only way to make sure that your images aren't used inappropriately is to not post them to the gallery or the Internet at all. I have seen a lot of posts on various message boards posting links to files and even telling you how to get around the watermark or how to save the file without purchasing it, this message board included. People forget sometimes how unprotected items on the Internet are. For instance, in the beginning the whole idea of a PDF files was to prevent people from changing a Microsoft Word document or a photo. Worked until someone came out with software to convert PDFs to other types of files or software to find out the passwords on password protected documents. Graphics can be locked so the right-click doesn't work - but doesn't prevent someone from taking a screen shot and getting the file that way. Watermarks can be blended out with some software. There is always a way to get around security measures. Shoot, even without expensive software, a person could print your design and scan it or trace it onto a piece of paper.

    And anytime you take something that doesn't belong to you, you run the risk of prosecution. Now you might convince yourself that no one will ever find out, and maybe not IF you don't post what you made on a website, blog, etc. You have to decide whether the risk is worth it to you. And if you're nice enough to want to share your designs with others, there will always be someone out there who will try to steal it - unfortunately, that's the nature of some people. Unless you want to try to prosecute those people, I'm afraid you will just have to live with it and move on.

    I know this sounds awfully pessimistic, unfortunately, that's the way it is.
    Sharon Greenwood, Indiana
  • If your in doubt about a image then don't post it. Thats my philosophy on it.
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