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Heat Transfer Vinyl Ront Bubbles / Texture problems

KedokKedok Member Posts: 1
Hello guys,
Im using Heat Transfer Vinyl for the first time and watched  some HTV  Videos  on how to use them,  but i    cant figure out what the problem is.
I   use HTV Ront a House hold Iron , Hard Wood Surface   on my bottom Layer mid a Sillicon Mat and on top the Htv with Parchment Paper on top but i keep getting this weird texture sometime more sometimes less on my vinyl. I try altering  the Heat  Pressure  And Time, but i just cant figure out the Problem and probably wouldnt be able to press  this Design   without  getting this werid texture on some parts of the Vinyl. 


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,319
    Welcome to the Make The Cut software support forum.it is not a generic help forum, but specific to this software and the cutters it works with. Further, it is an abandoned software program so there is little traffic here anymore which means little help other then those few of us who still look to help people using the program.

    That said, I have used multiple cutters to do lots of HTV in the past 15+ years. If you understand what “HTV” is, in that it is a polyvinyl you are hearing up to sort of melt into the surface of the material you are adhering it to, then you will understand if the material you are adhering it to has a texture to it, then you are going to see that texture in the vinyl when it is heated and applied to the textured material. Looking at your photos, it appears that you are trying to apply white vinyl to a rough textured material, looks sort of like a burlap texture. If that is correct, it will continue to have texture show when you melt the HTV to it. You would need to use a smoother material to avoid this.
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