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Moving from MTC to SCAL 5

jazzyladyjazzylady Member Posts: 86

(I know that this forum is for MTC but I have always found great help here)

I have reluctantly started using SCAL 5 (although I purchased it about 2 years ago).  I am using a 24inch Silver bullet professional.

I am unable to save my cutter calibration settings in SCAL 5 for print & cut.

After the automatic calibration with SCAL the recommended settings are

X  15.800

Y  24.400

I need to increase my X setting very slightly as my cutter is cutting slightly to the left of the print line

I enter the desired settings in SCAL and save them & my design, but when I close & reopen SCAL 5 the settings have not been saved & they have reverted to the original recommended settings.

(I even changed the settings in MTC to match in the event that it was causing some kind of conflict)

Any suggestions concerning this issue would be appreciated.


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 11,010
    @jazzylady - did you update your SCAL to the latest version? That would be 5.056, as of the last time I checked earlier this week. Look under Help => About. The check for updates option in SCAL apparently hasn't worked properly from a very early version, so don't bother with that. If you need to update, do that and test again.

    What cutter? I am assuming its a KNK of some sort if you were using MTC with it.

    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,888
    If you are running 5.056 and this is still happening, please submit a support ticket to Craft Edge. I know, for sure, that when you install SCAL5 updates, the calibrations get reset to defaults. Also, when I switch from one cutter brand to another and back again, it happens as well. VERY annoying but then not a big hassle because the newer cutter models, like the Skycuts, store all calibrations in the cutter's firmware versus inside SCAL... thank goodness! But for KNK models, this is still an issue. 

    Here's the link to support ticket. Again, make sure you're on 5.056 specifically, before submitting.


    Sandy McCauley
    Cutting with KNK Force, Maxx Air, Zing Orbit, Skycut C and D
    Over 90 free MTC videos: http://www.iloveknk.com/support/mtc-support/
    Latest MTC User Manuals: http://www.iloveknk.com/Support/user-manuals/
  • jazzyladyjazzylady Member Posts: 86
    Thank you both for your replies.  I am using version 5.056.

    I will summit a ticket to Craft Edge as I am still unable to change the settings.

    I have re-calibrated & reset my machine cutter for at least the 8th time.

    The last PNC test was acceptable.  I will try with other files tomorrow.  (I am afraid to try again now in case it does not work) :)

    Thanks again
  • jazzyladyjazzylady Member Posts: 86

    Thank you SandyMcC  I am using SCAL 5 - V. 5.056.

    I will submit a ticket to craft edge as I am still unable to change the settings

    I have auto re-calibrated & reset my cutter for at least the 8th time. 

    The current PNC cutting are acceptable.  (At least on my last test.  I will try other files tomorrow)

    Much appreciated

    Current PNC settings :smiley:

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