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Zing issue, any ideas?

l00pyl0u49l00pyl0u49 Member Posts: 4
Hi guys and girls, its been a while since I was here, and for some reason I have had to make a new account, it wouldnt let me in as me, sigh! Okay Zing, not the Zing air, so yes I have had it for some years... suddenly out of the blue it WILL NOT cut or draw on the first 6 inch of the mat, anything after the 6 inch mark it will quite happily draw or cut, but it wont drop the arm in the first 6 inches, it will go through the rest of the motions, and will air trace the design, but will NOT drop the arm to make contact in the first 6 inches. I have NO idea why, I havent changed anything, and other than this little niggle its in perfect working order, so anyone have any ideas how I can reset this to use the whole cutting area? Prettly please?



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