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Greyed-out zip files

StaceyMichelleStaceyMichelle Member Posts: 1
Why does my Cricut font ( from Dafont )zip files appear grayed out on my iPad ?


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,241
    Hi Stacey and welcome to the support forum for 3rd party cutting software Make The Cut. MTC works with a variety of cutters, but not directly with the Cricut line, as a result you probably won’t find too many users here to answer questions on that setup.

    That said, as an owner of an IPad, I was curious about adding new fonts and went googling. One thing to first note, you seem to indicate that the font came from Dafont but it is in a zipped file. Are you sure it was from Dafont, as I don’t recall that site zipping files. Second, if it is zipped, it would not be useable until you unzip and install it in your font viewer/reader same as on a computer thus why it would probably be grayed out. I did find this article that may provide the help/info. You need as it relates to the Cricut program and adding fonts on your iPad.  https://www.creativecuttingclassroom.com/blogpost/add-fonts-to-ipad-iphone
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,497
    @MeFlick - dafont zips their download files, often there is a Readme.txt in the file.
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