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Where can I buy a Zing Air 14"x24" cutting mat for a Zing Air?

dazdaz Member Posts: 17
I'm in Australia and I got the last thick 14"x 24" cutting mat
from Skatz Katz and no one else stocks them.  Skatz Katz can't get any of the ordinary ones and has no more of the normal sized ones.

Thanks Daz


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,559
    edited March 2019
    I don't think are any other suppliers in Australia
    you can get 12 x 24 cricut and Brother mats from Spotlight and online eg craftonline.com.au but they are quite flimsy

    You cut make you own using any material similar to the material mat are made from I made some from 600mm x 450 plastic signs the were on clearance at Bunnings hardware they be a rather expensive option at full price
    But maybe a sign marker or plastic supplier might be a source of similar material
    I also used a product name messy mats though they are smaller than the size you require 500mmm x 360mm (the extra large size is not available in Australia)
    I not tried them but I seen some some self healing mat in stores that are thiner and a little more flexible than the usual green rigid type
    I use the Aleenes tack it all over method to add adhesive but the are other methods

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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,440
    @daz - there is one other KNK distributor in Australia.

    https://www.blueedgecrafts.com.au/ - try contacting them to see if they have some inventory.
  • dazdaz Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for that.  I can use the silhouette mats or the Zing 24x12 but I have been spoilt having the 24x14 and the extra width is really useful making boxes or large envelopes with the cutter.
  • dazdaz Member Posts: 17
    Thalnk you they can't get them either.

  • sophiaedward64sophiaedward64 Member Posts: 5
    Bought or still looking?
  • dazdaz Member Posts: 17
    Thanks Sophia I did buy one a thicker one than normal but still looking for another one or two as a spare.

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