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The new Brother DesignNCut

wannacutwannacut Member Posts: 67
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Hello everybody!
I have just seen adverts on the new Brother DesignNCut with a cutting force of 1260 g and was amazed about the relatively small prize of about 200 $. As I am still so looking for an affordable "starter package" in cutting, this seems too good to be true. Apparently, there is even a desktop software verson available for those who don't want to use the cloud (This would be me!). So what is it that is "wrong" with this machine? There must be something :) ... Does anybody know?
Thanks, folks!
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  • honeyku42honeyku42 Member Posts: 4
    As per my opinion working of the software is quite complicated. This is the main issue in the machine. 
  • wannacutwannacut Member Posts: 67
    @honeyku42 Thank you for your answer!
    If the software is too complicated, would it be possible to try a workaround with MTC and SCAL?
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,608
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    Where does it say there a non cloud version of brother canvas software
    there a desktop manager application that seemed to still use the cloud based
    I think it function maybe to send already prepare fcm file for your hard drive to the cutter Not quite sure as I didn't have a cutter to connect

    It says the cloud base software reads svg files so you can convert svg files to fcm files then cut them

    You can use mtc to create svg file but usually any textures are not always readable by other software . (mainly if the texture is an image)

    I had a quick play with the could version of canvas it seemed quite basic
    svg file for mtc where each shape was a single color imported ok
    there was a slight size difference
    but as suspected a shape that contained a image came in as only an outline

    Have you tried brother cloud based canvas software its free to use ?

    Sure cuts a lot lists the brother scanncut in its list of cutters I'm not sure if that means it also support the design n cut
    It also include a export and convert to fcm file type for the brother cutters

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  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    You can try the Free Scan N Cut canvas software to import SVG files. This software has some nice features, but it does not have all the nice features available in MTC. You can still use MTC to create your files, and export as SVG. You can import the SVG files into Scan N Cut Canvas and cut directly to the Design N Cut. You can likewise create a file in SCAL4 and export as SVG or FCM and import the resulting file into Canvas for cutting to Design N Cut. However, as of SCAL4 version 4.067, there is not a direct cut option from SCAL4 to Design N Cut.
    Canvas has a few things that I find annoying
    1. It is online software with no option to cut if offline or no internet is available unless using an ios device on the cloud. 
    2. You need to load the Design N Cut Manager software, which resides on your computer, before opening the canvas software where you import or design files. This is the Cut screen, since Canvas does not have its own Cutting manager. Both are required - Cutting Manager and online Canvas software. If using an iPad, you would download a app that contains the cutting manager utility.
    2. It has a cutting width limit of 11.5" and if you have a long mat, a length of 23.5"
    3. There is not a multi-page function in the software.
    4. If your SVG file includes extra shapes off of the virtual mat, the design will be resized when imported to fit all of it on the 11.5x11.5" virtual mat. So large projects of necessity would need to be divided and exported in smaller individual SVG files - a bit of a nuisance or a lot of headache in the event your design has tons of pieces. 
    5. It uses a very flimsy and expensive cutting mat, that most people, if not extremely careful, will destroy on first use, by cutting through it. If you ruin your new mat, Brother customer service will replace it if you go to the expensive of shipping your damaged product to them. My first mat came warped, and they would have replaced it, had I been willing to pay that shipping. 

    The high cutting pressure is a plus, but I have found that if using a cutting blade, there is not a lot of benefit of having an excess of 1000 grams of cutting pressure, as too much pressure can tear projects and cause mis-steps, mat skewing, media slippage, and destruction of projects. Sometimes using lower pressure with multiple passes at slow speeds is more effective than huge amounts of pressure in a single pass. 

    I do not own the Design N Cut machine, however, I do have a Scan N Cut, which boasts of the best of the Design N Cut features, with the addition of a built in scanner and options to run with no internet or computer connection.  Design N Cut is essentially a stripped down version of Scan N Cut with the addition of a Cutting Manager. 

    Settings on these machines are quite different from what we use with most other cutters, so forget what you have learned with other cutters, and plan to work through a lot of training videos to learn the best settings for your media. It is not necessarily complex - just VERY different from what I am used to with my other dozen or so machines and software. 

    I will not be purchasing this machine due to its limitations as described above. Those who do not have any cutter already, and don't mind the online software, might appreciate the price point and nice cutting pressure as a starting place for their cutting adventures. 
  • wannacutwannacut Member Posts: 67
    Thank you very much @Crazy_Mr_Zing and @juliefes for your long and very informative answers! I appreciate it very much.
    Looks like I have misunderstood the term re "PC Direct Connectivity" by assuming this also meant no internet-based software needed. I prefer a stand-alone solution, independent of internet acccess. Good to learn about all the issues with the cutting mat, software limitations, etc!
    Well, just as I feared ...would have been too good to be a true solution. So good to have knowledgable people here. Thanks again for your efforts!!
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    I do have to say that the Design N Cut would be a much better purchase than a Cricut Explore or Silhouette.
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