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JGW Santa's Repose Armchair - Chair Label... I vamooshed it :-( [Resolved]

Chubby_NinjaChubby_Ninja Member Posts: 55
edited November 2017 in Resolved Issues
Hi all, I have the JGW Santa's Repose Armchair template but somehow I have deleted/removed the label that hangs over the back of the chair. I always make a copy and work from that but in this instance I appear to have overwritten the original.

This is the label, if I have to I'll make it in Affinity Designer (AD) and export as an SVG but thought I would see if anyone would be so kind as to send me just the label as an SVG first as it would make things a lot easier. I have the outer and inner shape its just the text, hearts, swirls and branch I need.

I'll doodle away in AD in the meantime and if I get acceptably close I'll let you know.

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