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KNK or Roland GS-24 - Melbourne Australia

I have a dodgy reproduction USCutter at the moment and it's the second machine I've gone through. This one has been awful, random cuts, rough edges etc. I wanna throw it out the window.

I've been looking at the Roland for some time now and always wanted something good quality. However the fact it doesn't talk direct to MTC worries me as it's approx $2000 (AUS) so a lot of money..

Please help I'm in 3 minds and have decided to check out the KNK series and do some research, feedback would be great as the KNK from what I can see is half the price of the Roland.

Any feedback would be awesome


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,640
    edited August 2017
    What material do you cut width material do you cut and how much cutting do you do ?

    You name suggest vinyl Decals ?

    The only KNK machine the is still on sale new that MTC support is the KNK MAX Air

    The New KNK Zing Orbit require SCAL
    The KNK Force has a Inbuilt cutting control software that will cut svg files or you can use SCAL

    I know learning software is not something that many like doing maybe it time to look at other option if that other option alowed SVG import that would still leave you to be able to fall back to MTC to do things the MTC excels at
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  • sandyjsandyj Member Posts: 821
    If you are doing vinyl, go with the roland.  It's what it does best. I'm getting the same machine shortly. I know folks still love mtc, but the computer world is moving on and its not.  You really should consider learning new software while mtc still works, rather than in a panic after its too late.
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