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Any new updates ever again for new computers and operating systems?

Hi.  I am a MTC user and LOVE the program.  I am an original owner from the very beginning.  All these years later, I am still a happy customer.  I personally don't care if any more options or updates are made available like advancements in the program itself, but I have been considering an upgrade in computer for a few months now.  I have even gotten some good information from users about what to upgrade too.  My question is this..... MTC has had no updates for quite a while, however, this also means that no updates for new computers and changing technology are not being addressed which saddens me.  I periodically check the boards and am seeing users with new computers frustrated that the latest technology isn't working with MTC which is why I haven't upgraded my computer yet, but realistically, it won't last forever and I still want to use MTC.  

 I haven't seen anything posted from Andy is a long time.  Is this just a dead program now.....use it like it is on old computers and never upgrade computers, operating systems etc again?  If so, it is only a matter of time before MTC becomes obsolete (and sounds like that is already happening) and yet it is a FANTASTIC program and I would continue to use it as is with no additonal updates to it's functions but if it doesn't upgrade to new technology with the world.....that makes me sad.

Is Andy even around anymore?  Will upgrades ever happen....even if only for new computer laptop technology etc?  Does anyone know?  



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