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Print and Cut colour to a Mac

petemacpetemac Member Posts: 4
edited September 2015 in Tips and Tricks

I'm new to this forum and relatively new to the Zing and Make The Cut.

My experiments with the machine and software led me to testing PnC using shapes with imported textures. Test cuts and calibrating went fine and I was happy that I was making progress until I hit the issue of colour. On the Mac MTC runs in a Winery skin so that the Windows software is translated to OSX. Unfortunately one side-effect is that many of the options in the print drivers are not available. Although the print is made, and is sharp and smooth, the colour is wrong. On my machine it had an acid tinge so yellows lost warmth and blues were too cyan. There is nowhere to apply a colour profile to regulate the output.

After trawling various sites and this forum I have found a workaround which I'll share here, that means colour becomes controllable and the PnC reg marks are included in the print. It involves adding a PDF printer driver to the Mac (which then becomes visible to MTC), printing out a PDF to a file, and then printing that file via Acrobat or Adobe Reader.

This works with Yosemite 10.10. You need to download a bit of free open source software called VipRiser and install it


Once it is installed open System Preferences/Printers & Scanners, click on the + symbol and then click on 'Print to VipRiser' to add it to the printers list. Close System Preferences, start VipRiser (you may have to transfer it from Downloads to your Applications folder) and open MTC. In File/Print Setup click on the triangle next to the default printer name you'll now see Print to VipRiser as an option. Click on it and in its Properties select appropriate settings. Click Apply. Remember that MTC and VipRiser both need to be running at the same time.

Now you can print a PDF to file. Set it up using the normal PnC settings in the MTC manual (ie orientation/registration marks etc) and confirm how it will appear using Print Preview. Making sure that Print to VipRiser is selected as the printer, click Print. VipRiser has its own Preferences and you can assign a folder or other destination to accept the MTC PDF file(s). Once the file has been output from MTC you can open it in Acrobat or Adobe Reader (other PDF viewers may work but I haven't tried them) where the full and familiar Mac printer driver options are available for your particular machine, giving access to colour/quality settings where you can set paper type and colour profiles allowing for accurate colour printing.

Make sure page scaling is set to none and use the printout in the Zing (or other cutter) as if it had come straight from MTC, but admire the much improved colour ...!



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