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Anyone want to help me with a test project?

pcentpcent Member Posts: 1
Before I buy the Zing, I want someone to help me do a test project. I'd be willing to throw a few bucks at whoever is willing to help.

Some background: My vision is to use the zing to make multiple stencils out of a plastic material that I can use to paint text phrases onto painted wood blocks. Each stencil would be used multiple times, so I would want to use a material that would stand up to the wear and tear. I could research the material myself, but input from you experts is welcome! I'm not sure if the stencilled idea will be high enough quality final product...nor am i sure if zing is the right product to go with to make the stencils, hence this test.

I imagine it happening this way: I send some design files via email. I'll be working in adobe illustrator, and can send in whatever format necessary. Before cutting, I would need you to take a look over it and give any input (i.e. the lettering is too small and likely will not work, if the stencil "tabs" are too small, etc). Then you would cut out of the material, mail them to me, and I can run my tests with the paint and my materials. I'm imagining 3 stencils, each appx 7.5"x2.5". I'd pay a few bucks via paypal for whoever can help...plus materials and postage.

Would anyone be willing to help me with this? I guess PM me or respond here?


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