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Three 3D Popup Stair Cards (Updated with another design, (again!))

AndyAndy Administrator Posts: 4,579
edited April 2013 in Your Masterpieces
I have been on a popup card kick... I found this image on the internet:

And thought that I could recreate that in Make The Cut. So, I set my Snap Position to 1/8" and just started drawing lines. Once you get the first staircase done, it's just a lot of repeating.

That was the easy part... The *hard* part is folding it so it looks right! Either way -- it looks COOL in real life.

You need to cut it out on 100+ lb. cardstock. I used 110 lb printer card stock and it worked perfectly. The MTC file I made is attached for all to use. It's not 100% exactly like the original one -- only because i wanted it to fit on 8.5x11 paper.

Here are some pics of the one I cut out...

MTC file attached at the bottom of this post.

Have fun with this!
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