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Where are you from? Tell us about yourself

Lindacrew4_ID713Lindacrew4_ID713 Member Posts: 4,537
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Trying to get to know all our new friends here on the FUN AND CRAZY 2ND HOME of many, and for a few of us, OUR ONLY HOME.....

I'll start first:
I live in New Hampshire
I am a happy married woman who married my best friend, have 2 children, boy/girl. 4 grand children, 2 boys/2 girls.
Have been a crafter for so many years, always cutting by hand, then this machine comes along and $$$money is being spent like I'm rich. The night our Andy comes on the mb, I knew I was jumping fast to buy in.But I did. Now I wonder where has this program been all my life, and just 1 question..ANDY WHY DIDNT YOU COME BEFORE I SPENT ALL THAT MONEY ON CARTS??

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  • lamblamb Member Posts: 302
    i'll step up next...
    4 kids 3 girls,1 boy -although only 2 at home

    spend my days teaching 6 year olds -on holiday this week..lol
    was addicted to cricut...but not so now days...now addicted to mtc instead

    oh yeah in case you havent realised from a small country -new zealand

  • SassyLady_LisaSassyLady_Lisa Member Posts: 1,135
    Hi ya'll.

    I live in Florida with my wonderful hubby and our 7 yo daughter. I just took up paper crafting last November, with the purchase of an E. I found MTC in January and the rest is history.

    I am an equal opportunity crafter with too many hobbies, none of them cheap. I like to cook too.

    I enjoy the friendliness of this board.

    Live Love Craft
  • KATHYANNKATHYANN Member Posts: 1,428
    edited April 2010
    I am happily married early retired ( I stay home and watch grands now) between my DH and Myself we have 4 kids 3 boys 1 girl all grown and 11 grands including 3 that were added in a marriage. & I spoiled dog.
    My father has had 2 craft shops (besides working for 30+ years at Boeing) since the early 70s so I guess I get most of my craftablity from him, my Grandmother & My mom used to sew and crochet. I love to create and love to look at what others create. forgot to add I am in Missouri.... near St. louis.
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    Kathy - Katiedoodlesgran
  • Laura4boysLaura4boys Member Posts: 24
    I love this place, it's so friendly. I am married to my junior high/high school sweetheart (just hit the 20 year mark) and we live in FW, Texas and have 4 boys ages 16, 12, 10 and 7 and 2 boy dogs (I am therefore the Queen of this abode lol!). I teach Pre-K at a church preschool a few days a week and really love using my E and MTC for preschool projects, though I bought it for crafting but haven't done very much in that respect. My mom crafts with me and on my days off it seems I spend all my free time cutting things out for her, but I don't mind at all. I love to see all of the creations that others have made, but don't like my own. I buy all the stuff to make these wonderful items I see but never seem to get around to making them, so my DH calls me a hoarder. :)

    Laura =)
  • KATHYANNKATHYANN Member Posts: 1,428
    " buy all the stuff to make these wonderful items I see but never seem to get around to making them, so my DH calls me a hoarder. :)" ha you are normal like the rest / most of us. LOL
    Kathy - Katiedoodlesgran
  • SassyLady_LisaSassyLady_Lisa Member Posts: 1,135
    Hoarder? Who me? *peers around craft supplies stacked to the ceiling*
    Live Love Craft
  • soulcreative1soulcreative1 Member Posts: 25
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    Hello everyone, I have been married to my DH for 28 years in May. We have three boys who are all grown and 5 beautiful grandbabies. I work as a Program Administrator for a day program for intellectually challenged adults in Southern California.
    My hobby is crafting and has been for many years. I received my CE a year ago Christmas and never used it until Jan. of this year. I saw on a website the buzz about MTC and bought it right then. Once I got it working (problem with DS) I joined this forum and there has been no looking back. MTC and this forum are the best, thank you everyone.
  • iggyloveriggylover Moderator Posts: 11,513
    I have been very happily married to my husband for 18 years. We have 1 daughter and 1 son, both still at home. I home-school my son.
    I love music, books, art, anything that helps to get the creative juices flowing, humor (who ME?), Italian Greyhounds (iggys), cockatiels, this forum, and MTC!
    I live in Southern California because I can't stand cold winters and my DH respects that...LOL
    I'm new to using a Cricut cutter and crafting in general, but I love to learn new things.

    "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Edmund Burke Jeanette in Orange County, CA Love my Italian Greyhound --> I.G.--> iggy Own a Create: Krikee, getting used to a Black Cat Cougar: Bagheera
  • TamTam Member Posts: 1,523
    I just turned 50 (ouch) a few months ago, live in KC, Missouri, married for 32 years to my jr. high sweetheart, have 2 grown kids, 2 grands and work as a contract analyst during the day and am the primary caregiver for my dad who lives with us. Yes, I am part of the sandwich generation and am thrilled to be here.

    I use to craft ALL the time once the kids were grown and now... not so much. I had a highly successful home based scrapping business ... um... yea... not so much. I don't have enough hours in the day to do all I want. I love this program, cause with the laptop, I can entertain Dad and still play...hehehe...

    I look forward to knowing you all better and thanks for all the info on this board - amazing!!!

  • linsayscrapslinsayscraps Member Posts: 398
    Hi my name is Linsay and I come from New Zealand. I have 2 daughters and 3 step children. My partner and I between us have 12 Grandchildren. Even though we are at the retired age!!! I still work part time. (Helps pay for the hobbies). I love cardmaking, scrapbooking my cricut and MTC.I have learned so much from this forum.
    Linsay from New Zealand - Just Loving my Zing
  • jtrranchesjtrranches Member Posts: 2,631
    OK, my turn. I am a 42 year "young" person. I have been married for 22 years this year. I have 2 kids 1 boy and 1 girl, 4 dogs, 4 cats and 11 fish. I have been a SAHM for 15 years now, stopped working right after my 11 month old came down with pneumonia. Didn't hurt him though as he is 16 and about 6 feet all at the moment. We grow oranges and olives in the central valley of California. I collect all kinds of things but mostly scrapbook items and Christmas decorations. Just finished putting them away about a week ago. I have been scrapbooking most of my adult life and love to make cards.

    Terina Reynolds Always remember, "It's a good life if you don't weaken!" imageSeptember 11th, 2001 Anniversary Countdown Banner
  • judyx1343judyx1343 Member Posts: 683
    Hi my name is Judy and I also live in Missouri about 1.5 hours south of ST. Louis. today well yesterday 4-14 was my 31 wedding anniversary. I have 2 stepsons and one adopted son. Our 6th grandchild is due on 4-27 it will be a girl I am excited for this one because it will be from our youngest son. We live a challagening life, that use to be unusual but now a days I think everyone's life is challagening in one way or another, whether we have our parents living with us or our kids and their kids living with us. So scrapbooking and the message boards are a way for me relax and unwind. Also going to work helps me unwind. I know What did she say, but yes I do enjoy my job 90% of the time. I do have gravy hours 9 to 3. So that is great. There are so many helpful and inspiring ppl here I love MTC.
  • bbonkobbonko Member Posts: 913

    I live in Longview, WA (45 minutes N of Portland, OR), and just turned 60. I am the human to 2 very spoiled cats. I have a daughter, who is 40 and lives in the Phoenix area. I worked at the Longview Public Library for 28 years, til going on disability 6 years ago. MTC has gotten me more excited about something than anything I can think of in recent years. I feel like I know many of you and look forward to spend more time with all of you in the future.

    Brenda in WA
    Brenda B Longview, WA
  • bexda47bexda47 Member Posts: 40
    Hello! I'm new to the paper crafting world as well. I got my cricut for Christmas 2009 and MTC in Feb. I have a room filled with material from different hobbies I've tried and have every intention of getting back to them someday...for now, my expression has my full, undivided attention. I'm 27 years old, married for 6 years with no children. My husband and I are ruled over by the cutest miniature chihuahua ever! Also, I'm the office manager for a local non-profit organization, so I spend most of my day on the computer. I love how helpful and nice everyone on this board has been!

    Becky from Southern Indiana
  • P1x3L.F3T1SHP1x3L.F3T1SH Member Posts: 325
    I'm living in Kentucky, born in Hamilton, OH. I love Kentucky! It's pretty here and it has been such a good place to raise my boiz! I've first started digi scrapping in 2005 and 2006 began paper scrapping, and fell in love! I got my E in January... and then I got my 2nd one in Feb. becoz it's pink... and EVERYTHING is better in pink! <3 Just got MTC recently and I LOVE it! =] SO in my spare time I scrap, like to take pics and LOVE playing on my Xbox 360. I'm a tech junkie that's where my P1x3L name stems from. <3 I enjoi learning from this board.... scrappers are SO smart!
  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    I am mother of five , three boy two girls, grandma to 4 soon to be 5, Live in Ottumwa, Iowa. I srap,sew knit, and and try alot of other crafts, Ilove to be creative and enjoy doing so. Iam SAHM have benn now for a while I have and 11 yr old that has special needs and if I ever say I can't do something I look at him and think of all the things we were told he would never do and does ,plus him going thru 29 major surgeries and many minor ones he still has spunk and he is determined not to let most things stop him, if he can do what they said he can't then I can surely do things too.
    imageimageimage Rachellann uses the Black Cat Cougar, Gazelle, Expression, and 34 inch MH871 vinyl cutter http://www.thymegraphics.co.uk/index.asp http://www.thatsscrapinc.com/ My Blog is: http://rachellsmanycrafts.blogspot.com/
  • ScottieScottie Member Posts: 281
    My DH (of 35 years) and I live in south central Pa. We have two adult sons and no grands yet. I have been a crafter my whole life. Made and sold dollhouse miniatures for many years until a LSS opened in my area. Quickly became hooked on paper arts and I worked in the store and also taught scrapbooking and cardmaking until the store closed in 2006. Now I mostly just play at home and try to keep up with our very active Golden Retriever, Duff, and Scottish Terrier, MacGregor. Love this forum and MTC. Friendly and helpful people make this my new favorite place to visit. :)
  • KimATCKimATC Member Posts: 785
    Well, my life is boring and dull compared to all of you, but here goes! I'm single, no kids, and I met my boyfriend in our Master's program a couple of years ago. I work at a high school in Northeast Philadelphia doing Sports Medicine for all of the athletes and sports, and I am currently in a career crisis, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life next, other than a career where I work 7 days a week!! I started makng cards last October, after a few months of my C Expression collecting dust, and I found MTC in December and promptly fell in love with it! Still learning the little tips and tricks of cardmaking, but I'm getting there, thanks to everyone on this board!
  • Beanie_ID62Beanie_ID62 Member Posts: 3,820
    edited April 2010
    Hi there I'm Beanie (Sheryl) I like Beanie better. I am married for my second time (17 years) to my best friend Danny. I have two beautiful daughters from my first marriage Blair 21 and April 25. I breed and show Saint Bernards. I have been scrapbooking ever since I can remember always have loved crafts. I just got my drivers license 3 years ago was scared to drive but now there is no stopping me. I go everywhere.....
    I am a phone person so you will most always find me with a phone to my ear hehehe love to show people MTC and SCAL or anything scrapbook related....
    We live in Northern Maryland near Gettysburg PA
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  • ScottieScottie Member Posts: 281
    Beanie, we are practically neighbors. We live about 1/2 hour from Gettysburg and go there frequently. Love the battlefields!
  • ScottieScottie Member Posts: 281
    I forgot to add there is a nice scrapbook store in downtown Gettysburg. Have you been there?
  • cmclisacmclisa Member Posts: 45
    This is a great idea!

    Hello! I'm Lisa - from Westland, Michigan. DH & I will celebrate our 11th anniversary in September and I spend most of my time being a SAHM - keeping busy with our 2 boys, Richie & Jamie, who are 5 and 8.
    I have been a Creative Memories Consultant almost as long as I've been scrapbooking - almost 10 years, and that provides me with scrapbooking related opportunities for some much needed time away from my always adorable, well behaved family ;) I count down the days to the 2 large retreats I organize each year (183!).

    I had a wishblade before my Cricut - but could never get great cuts with it. My friends were all buying Cricuts & I wanted one but didn't want to be tied to the cartridges. Then I learned about SCAL - bought the program and an Expressions and a few carts and didn't really use it that much. THEN MTC came out - I visited this board often, checking out the software - and purchased it when the shadowing feature was added. I LOVE MTC! and am showing it to all my scrapbooking/Cricut friends.

    I visit the board often & hope to be less of a lurker & more of a contributor.
    Thanks everyone for always being helpful & kind - this is a great place to be!
  • Beanie_ID62Beanie_ID62 Member Posts: 3,820
    Do you mean forevermore Scrapbook? If so yes I have I like the one in Eldersburg much much better. Where are you? maybe we could meet up sometime? Have you been to the shop in Eldersburg? They have crops there every weekend fri and sat nights and once a month they have a PJ crop till 2 am
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  • Angel135612Angel135612 Member Posts: 4,246
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    Diane in Colorado Springs Proud Owner of a Silver Bullet Professional Series 24 inch cutter rated #1 by Top Ten Reivews http://die-cutting-machines-review.toptenreviews.com/ http://www.mycraftythoughts.blogspot.com/
  • LaurindaLaurinda Member Posts: 85
    Hello my name is Laurinda and I am addicted..... I have done crafts all my life. My Mother is very creative and she passed those genes to me. First and foremost I love photography. This led me to scrapbooking in 2005. A dear friend drug me into this as I was kicking and screaming. I never wanted to start this hobby as I felt it was too expensive. Well it is, but I no longer care! LOL

    I was born and raised in a small town in KS and I'm still here, about six blocks away. I love it here! I'll have been married to one man 35 years next month. We have 2 grown sons, 1 DIL and the most beautiful baby granddaughter ever. One son is still at home, but trying to find a home to buy. My DH is my very best friend and just lets me do my crafting without a complaint. I am blessed.
  • scrapinmollyscrapinmolly Member Posts: 42
    Hello, I have mostly been a lurker since finding this forum in Jan. A friend told me about SCAL and then I learned about MTC. Came here to check it out and the rest is history. I love this program and this forum. Anyway, I am a SAHM w/ 4 children, all gone but one and 5 grandsons. I have been married to my HS sweetheart for 30 yrs. on the 13th of this mo. I have homeschooled the last 3 (boys). I have been sewing most of my life, got into scrapbooking about 7 or so yrs. ago. I am a Close to my Heart consultant which has helped me meet new people as we moved from IN to TX less than 3 yrs ago. I also have a 6 needle embroidery machine. My hobbies are also part-time businesses. I am so excited to be involved here and am having loads of fun learning this program and using my Cricut alot more.
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    Wow some of you are really close to me!!!!!!!! I'm in Illinois!!!!!!!!

    I"m Christy, 33, SAHM!!!!!!!! Casey and I have three children, more animals than I care to count right now, and many hobbies.LOL

    I started scrapbooking in 99. I enjoy making cards as well and doing a bit of altered art. I am a sunday school teacher and I also teach team kids (a bible study for kids) and love using MTC to create everything we need!!!!
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Biscuit ScrapsThe Biscuit Scraps Member Posts: 334
    Where am I FROM: The original town of "The Home of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe", Irondale, AL...I grew up amongst the people from whom the characters were created in the book/movie.
    Married: 38 years to my love of a lifetime
    Past work life: Meeting planner and Executive Assistant to top executives for major Pharma company
    Retired SAHGM: I keep our 10 month old Grandson during working hours for my son and DIL and LOVE every minute of it.
    Children: 2 grown children, our son lives in the same area (Raleigh, NC) and our daughter lives in Washington DC
    Crafting: Pastlife-counted crossstitch Current: Scrapbooking
    Favorite thing to do....travel with husband and travel with girlfriends to about 5 Scrapbook retreats a year put on by people on my favorite SB message board
    I've lived in : Birmingham, AL; Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, GA; Tomball, TX; Hoffman Estates & Wheaton, IL; Cary, Raleigh, NC
  • qfromnsqfromns Member Posts: 668
    Hi There Everyone
    Well since this is my first post ever here goes....
    I am a newbie of sorts lol....got a used cricut from my oldest for Christmas 2009( she got a new bigger one) and didnt do alot with it till MTC .....I had to go out and buy the Cricut Expression pink one (my fav colour) and now i cant seem to stop....guess thats a good thing...Thanks Andy and Ann for MTC......
    I am 60 yrs young and with my sweetie 11 yrs now... I have three grown children all living in Ontario Canada while I am in Nova Scotia ....they say distance makes the heart grow fonder but.....lol...We are semi retired and work part time at a fish packing plant...what else in the maritines ... I love making cards and have thought of buying shares at the post office....but havent heard the kids or grandkids complaining about receiving so many....We live in a very small house and the cricut is center attention on the kitchen table (no other spot available) and hasnt been moved from there since i bought it ....on Ricks side of the table of course.....
    I try to come to this forum daily and find all the peeps very helpful.....
    well enough of an old lady rambling
    have a great day everyone...happy scrapping and all the best to Andy and Ann
    God bless
  • kbear222kbear222 Member Posts: 180
    edited April 2010
    Hi I am Kelly.... lol and I am addicted as well. I also have a craft room filled to the ceiling but somehow never get to work in there. I have been married to a wonderful man for 32 years in May we have 3 grown children and 2 adorable grandchildren. My oldest daughter lives in the area, my son is a forester for the state of michigan up north with his wife and my baby girl lives in Kansas just starting her student teaching with her husband and we miss her terribly. I was a SAHM for 14 years and have been working very part time for the last 10 at a bicycle shop where I am the only office person. I also care for my grand daughter 4 and grandson 16 months 4 days a week. We live in Portage Michigan and are sooo happy for green grass and sunshine. We also have a very spoiled 14 year old black lab/chow dog who is my friend.

    I have been crafting forever sewing, knitting, beading, cards (going to a card class once a month for 10 years - but never use any of my cards - mmmm), scrapping for maybe 7 years - no albums really done - continually ongoing - used to cross stitch - so little bit of everything. I love to read - just don't seem to have enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do.
  • VinylandVectorsVinylandVectors Member Posts: 4,344

    My name is Dana and I'm a MTC addict! LOL, seriously though, I am married to a wonderful man with 3 teenagers. God blessed with me a great family. I used to run AutoCad software designing kitchen, office, bathroom layouts for new homes and businesses until the housing market to a dive. Now I am a SAHM until this fall and then I am going back to college for an accounting degree. I live in North Central Ohio. My hobbies include quilting, cross-stitching. I started scrapbooking about 8 years ago. I have had my Cricut for 3 years. Now I like to design files.

  • jvyvialjvyvial Member Posts: 141
    Hello everyone, this is my first post and one of the few I have ever made online ANYWHERE! I have been watching the forum since I purchased MTC the beginning of this year. I did not realize that I was one of the elusive "guests" until the disgraceful issue came about and then registered once I realized I was not "official". I am not a big online "chatter" but get me on the phone and I can go for a while. I am glad a thread like this was started, it makes it easier to introduce myself. So here it goes...

    Personal: My name is Jennifer, I turn 35 this year and I am married to my High School Sweetheart and best friend now for 10 years but we have been together for 16 years. I have two beautiful boys 4yrs and 9mos. I became a SAHM last year after my second son was born. I fostered animals for a local animal shelter heavily for about 5 years. After my first son was born we slowed down and now just foster occasionally for a friend's foster program that she started up "Pup Squad" when she needs some help. I live in Houston, Texas and have been here my entire life.

    Crafting: I was into stamping and card making in High School and my teenage life got "too busy" for it so I stopped. A few years later I was bit by the sugar bug and I decorate cakes for family and competition. When the C first came out my husband said "I bet you could find a way to use that to decorate cakes." Never got one and never thought about it again. Then several years later while checking out one of my "cake" sites, I saw posts about using the CE to cut gumpaste. I watched them for a while and then December last year my hubby told me to go ahead and order one. Well that openned the flood gate as I have yet to ever use it for "cake stuff" but have had to redisign my Craft Room to accomodate all my papercrafting items. So I have finally begun to work on the scrapbook that I purchased when my first son was born but then NEVER touched again. I purchased the CE because of the capabilities to cut other images as I did not want to be tied down to only cartridges but had not heard of MTC at the time. Right after I purchased my CE I heard about MTC. I instantly got online and began researching both of the "other" softwares. After a while I decided to purchase MTC but had not used it until watching Andy's Webinar. IT WAS GREAT! I enjoyed it so much and was thrilled with my software after that moment.

    Everyone is SO friendly and helpful on this forum. I really enjoy visiting here. Well now that I have rambled on I will stop and post. I just previewed and this is the largest post I believe I have EVER made!

  • CherylCCherylC Member Posts: 1,097
    Me next:

    Real Name: Cheryl
    Age: 48
    Kids: 3 Girls ages (29, 25 & 17)
    Born: New Orleans, La.
    Currently Live: Central Florida

    I've been sewing since I was about 12 and recently purchase an E in March, but only after I bought MTC. Funny how I bought the program before I bought the cutter. My original plan was to get the E to cut fabric squares for the custom purses I make, but haven't cut a single piece of fabric. I have been so obsessed with MTC and what it could do I haven't gotten down to the real reason I bought this cutter. I have been busy creating, but not cutting very much. I spend most of my time on here, even at work I keep two windows open so I can switch back and forth between what I'm supposed to be doing and here.

    I think I so love this board because of all the outstanding assistance and the warm and friendly atmosphere. I've been on other boards, but they tend to begin arguing and it just takes it to a place where I no longer want to be. Here I felt like family as soon as I became a member. If you've ever seen the commercial where the woman gets flowers and the little "warm fuzzy" appears, that's the way I feel when I'm on this board.
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  • P1x3L.F3T1SHP1x3L.F3T1SH Member Posts: 325
    Awwwe Diva you are a sweetie! And I love that comercial! WhenI first came here I felt a lil' odd coz I think people were weirded out by my name. heh =] I like it here tho... and really love MTC! When I found out about all the legal drama ... I was bummed coz I was fearing that the software would be ganked. I am hoping for the best tho! I was looking at carts, and compared to what you can make on ur own through adobe and MTC the carts are LAME! LOL
  • kbear222kbear222 Member Posts: 180
    diva - have you tried cutting fabric will it cut - never thought about that
  • CherylCCherylC Member Posts: 1,097

    Haven't tried the fabric, but from what I understand you can cut cotton fabric with paper backed fusible webbing. Here are a couple of YouTube Videos showing the process.

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  • kbear222kbear222 Member Posts: 180
  • rachellann_ID714rachellann_ID714 Banned Posts: 10,251
    DIY-DIva and Kbear yes you can cut cotton fabricwith the fusable web on bak just make sure not to remove the paper backing until after you cut out the image I like doing this for application work
    imageimageimage Rachellann uses the Black Cat Cougar, Gazelle, Expression, and 34 inch MH871 vinyl cutter http://www.thymegraphics.co.uk/index.asp http://www.thatsscrapinc.com/ My Blog is: http://rachellsmanycrafts.blogspot.com/
  • StephPStephP Member Posts: 955
    I'm Stephanie, 31, SAHM to 3 little kids (2 girls 1 boy) and I love it. We live in Vancouver Wa, but only for the last few months. Before that we were in Beaverton OR for 7 months, and before that in UT! I hope we're done moving for a while! Dh's job in Portland is going great, so that's a good sign, and we're having fun fixing up our house here.
    Married to dh for 8 years this summer.

    Started scrapping soon after we got married, but mostly just put pictures on the pages...I didn't like the pages I'd seen other people do with school bus borders around the edges, etc :) But my scrapping has evolved now, and I've gotten a little more fancy.
    Got my Cricut in 2007 I think, and got MTC this February.
    Since buying MTC I've started making cards again too, so that's been fun.
  • CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
    oh btw, I live in Illinois.LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    P1x3L.F3T1SH, where are you in Kentucky. I am only 10 minutes from western Kentucky.
    Christy http://everdaylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Cutters: Craft Robo, Cricut Expression, and the absolute BEST A BLACK CAT COUGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • NavymomNavymom Member Posts: 13
    Hi everyone, I am married, 35 yrs, I have two grown boys, one going to Afghanistan soon, I have one grandchild and just found out another on the way. I love making cards, I have owned MTC since it first came out, never used it. My computer died, purchased a new one, re installed MTC and am I having fun. Still have lots of questions (not very computer literate) but I am making it work.
  • Lindacrew4_ID713Lindacrew4_ID713 Member Posts: 4,537
    Always wanted to know:
    What is SAHM? I see this in a lot of blogs and forums, just wondering..........
  • CherylCCherylC Member Posts: 1,097
    SAHM = Stay At Home Mom
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  • newbie1nomorenewbie1nomore Member Posts: 232
    Hi, I'm Barb. I live in Ontario, Canada, and am currently at home on maternity leave with my 3rd child who is now four months old (I have a son, 6, and a daughter, 3, as well). I will return to work as the financial controller/human resources manager at a country inn in the fall.

    I purchased my cricut about 2 years ago, but only used it once and then it became a very expensive decoration on my craft table! I had debated off an on about purchasing SCAL over the last year, but I'm glad I never went ahead with it. MTC has been wonderful!!! I purchased it at the end of February and have done more with my machine in the last 2 months then I ever imagined! I began scrapbooking six years ago when my first son was born, but haven't completed any pages since my daughter was born (it takes me a LONG time to figure out my pages!). Lately I have been making cards, and I am very interested in doing some books and altered items (I also just purchased a bind-it-all). I have lots of projects "created" in MTC, but need my little guy to stop teething long enough to actually cut some!

    I have never been a member of a forum before, and while I don't post much I read everything! Hopefully my confidence level will continue to build and I will start to post more. This forum has been incredibly helpful and generous in the solving of problems and sharing of ideas, and I know I would still just be looking at my cricut, instead of using it, without all of the advise and support I've seen here.

    I am also a big fan of the new weekly challenge, as it gives me a deadline to actually accomplish something!
  • Lindacrew4_ID713Lindacrew4_ID713 Member Posts: 4,537
    edited April 2010
    Thanks DIY-DIVA
    I can call myself a SAHM, my children are grown and have kids of there own, BUT GUESS WHO WATCHES THEM ALL DAY EVERYDAY? ME and I love it. Gave up working to care for them..
  • RosySRosyS Member Posts: 70
    Hi ya'll!

    I'm Rosy from Charlottesville, VA and just turned 40 in March! My husband took me on a suprise trip to Paris to celebrate!

    I work for a software company and am a stitcher, scrapbooker, and beader so my craft room is quick crowded with supplies.

    My husband and I will be married 10 years this October. We don't have any children, unless you count my husband . . .
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    Hi - I'm Patty and I live in Bear, DE. Anyone from the surrounding states may know of the Christiana Mall - I'm about five minutes from there. DE is the home of tax-free shopping, so we usually see PA, MD, and NJ plates in the parking lot. I was raised in Bowie, MD which is a suburb of DC. I'm 46 and have been married for 20 years now.

    I've always been crafty - I get that from my mom, I think. Sewing was and is a major addiction with some quilting thrown in. Used to do clothing - mostly for historical reenactment, but I prefer things that don't have to be fitted so now I mostly do dolls and softies. Love embroidery and do both freehand and punchneedle. Used to do a lot of cross-stitch but I can no longer follow a pattern due to brainfog. And that's what got me into paper crafting. Stamping, punch art, paper flowers, altered art, doodling, Zentangle - you name it, I've probably done it. Oh, and there's also beading and collecting STUFF - especially books.

    I've been at home for the last 13 plus years due to disabliity and art is my therapy. I have three furry kids - all cats.

    I would not have gotten a Cricut were it not for the availability of third-party software. On DH's urging, I waited until my warranty was up and collected 28 cartridges in the meantime. But once I got MTC, there was no going back! If they can't come out with a cat cartridge, how am I to expect they'll come out with a medieval cartridge, a history cartridge, something to go with my warped whimsy style?
  • SandyWSandyW Member Posts: 1,289
    ohhhh, I need some time.....started reading these....got to go back to work, LOL....will be back later to read about all of you....and add my 2 cent life, LOL.
    Sandy W. (formerly "BugHappyGrams") Charlotte, NC http://thehobbylady.blogspot.com/
  • ypsicatladyypsicatlady Member Posts: 108
    Hi everyone!!

    I'm Andrea and I live in Ypsilanti, Michigan ( which near Ann Arbor), where I am working on a second degree to become a teacher. I just turned 26 on Monday and got my first baby c last year for my birthday! I live with my future-husband with our 3 lovable cats. My FH and I have been together for almost 7 years... oh my... and we are getting married in Chicago in 2011!!! Crafting is new to me and I am learning a lot from everyone here. I decided to purchase the e to help me with all my larger wedding DIY projects. I am trying to "save" money by doing a lot of things myself. I am soo excited to being doing some of my projects!

    I hope it is as nice of a day by you are as it is for me!!! We have 80 degree weather and I am sooo excited... but its going to be colder tomorrow :-(..... that is what make me question living in Michigan.
  • KimATCKimATC Member Posts: 785
    waterrabbit - I used to work in Wilmington! I now work in NE Philadelphia, and live in Southern NJ! You're the closest to me so far!
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