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Paper Ribbon Gift Topper

ligayatgligayatg Member Posts: 1
edited September 2011 in Shares
Someone posted this in the Silhouette users group and I tried to play around with it in both the Studio and MTC. The only way it can be done in Studio is by editing the nodes on the bottom of each letters to separate the segment to leave this area uncut so as to adhere the bottom of the letter to the strip to be able to pop it up. This is very tedious! I just started learning the MTC a few days ago and I downloaded the Beta v. 4.0. which has the knife tool. So for those who are interested in creating this cute gift topper, all you need to do is slice the bottom of your text with the knife tool and you're set, as simple as that! The knife tool leaves the sliced area of the image open, thus, leaving it uncut, unlike the eraser tool which closes the image.

For pictures and instructions on the gift topper (the letters were cut manually using an X-Acto knife): http://thecraftsdept.marthastewart.com/2010/07/paper-birthday-gift-topper.html

BTW, somebody posted that this is doable with the eraser tool of the Designer version of Studio which I don't have.

This is my very first post to the MTC forum :).



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