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F&Q For CHRISTMAS CYBERCROP!!!!!!!!!! ASK Questions HERE!!!!!!!!

CaseysAngelCaseysAngel Member Posts: 14,967
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HI ladies,

I thought we could get a bit of this out of the way incase you had any questions. Also this way you can read them and not lose any cropping time.

So, here goes. I hope I didn't forget anything but if you feel I did or have any other question just let me know.


Also please note that Crop now ends on Sunday not Saturday!!!!! This was to give those who were out of town through Thanksgiving weekend and then worked through the week time to still join us!!!!!!

1. When is the cyber crop? 5:00 p.m. Sunday November 28th - 10 p.m. Sundapy Dec 5th Central Time EDITED : THE CROP HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL DECEMBER 12TH , 10 P.M. CENTRAL TIME
2. Do I have to register and if so where do I register at? YES you MUST register to be eligible to win a prize. You can find the registration here http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/8047/cybercrop-3-christmas-holiday-registration/#Item_93. You may register anytime from now until the last day of the crop.
3. What happens if I register and then can’t participate? Nothing, life happens. If you can’t end up particpating that’s okay!!!
4. How do I post my entries? entires are to be posted in the challenge thread that they belong with. So if you do say a bookmark challenge, then you would post your COMPLETED project in that thread. YOU MUST POST THE PICTURE OF THE ITEM FOR IT TO COUNT!!!!
5. How do you post an image? click to make a post, click attach a file. Choose the file from your computer. When it has finished uploading the image you need to then click INSERT IMAGE. If you don’t it will not put in the large picture and we are liable to miss it when counting entries. Plus I can’ tclick on every tiny picture. If you need help doing this let us know!!!!
6. Can I do the challenges more than once? Yes, each challenge may be done TWICE. BUT they must be completely different. You can’t do the same exact design twice..
7. I have a project I started before the crop begin, Can I finish it and use it for a challenge? Absolutely NOT. Everything must be started and finished during the hours of the crop.
8. Where can I find a list of all the challenges? (this will be added once the crop begins)
9. How are the winners choosen? The winners are choosen using a random number generator.
10. Do I have to do everything listed in the challenge to get credit? Yes, and if it is a multiple piece challenge ALL pieces must be posted together.
11. Can I combine challenges? No
12. If I win, when will I get my prize? You should receive your prize within TWO Weeks AFTER the winners are posted!!!! If you haven’t received your prize by then please contact me at [email protected]
13. When will the winners be posted? As quick as we possibly can. Be patient please and know that going through every thread and looking at pictures is time consuming. I am only one person. :)
14. How many times can I win? You may win up to two regular prizes and one grand prize.
15. Do I have to own MTC to participate? YES!!!!!
16. Where do I post if I have a question? (link will be given at the time of the crop but for now you can post in this thread)
17. How do I get into the webinar’s ? (Bryan will post the link and I will add the link)
18. Where is the link to go to chat? located in the top right hand corner of the message board
19. Do I need Version 3.0? YES you will need MTC 3.0 BETA or you will not be able to complete a couple of the challenges.
20. Do I have to have everything on the supply list to participate? No, you do not. that is just a few of the things that are needed for some of the challenges. There are plenty of others that do not require anything special.
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