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Cybercrop #3 (Christmas / Holiday ) Registration

VinylandVectorsVinylandVectors Member Posts: 4,344
edited December 2010 in Challenges
EDITED BY CHRISTY!!!!!!!! DECEMBER 2nd!!! I just heard from Dana's husband she is in the hospital . IF you are just now registering please email the information to me instead at [email protected] .

Hello Everyone!

The next cybercrop will be Sunday November 28th- Saturday December 4th.

It is NECESSARY to register in order to participate this time. Once you have sent me your information please just post "Registered" in this thread, but do NOT post anything else! No conversations please!

Please register asap for organizational reasons, but the registration will remain open through the crop.

To register fill out the following information and send it to my email at svgandmtcfiles at gmail dot com. A click-able link is in my profile. You MUST do this, even if you are on the RAK list!!!!

Please include:

Real Name
MTC Forum Name
Email Address
Postal Address

EDITED BY CHRISTY: IF you do not give out your postal address but would still like to be considered incase you win an email prize please just tell Dana that when you send her your registration email.

EDITED BY DANA: just to add the SUGGESTED (NOTE SUGGESTED) supply list... this does not mean that you have to go out and buy everything on this list, it is just an idea of what you might need to do some of the challenges. You will have an entire week to pick and choose which challenge you desire to do and then decide if you need to make any extra purchases. Some of us just wanted a heads up so that we could plan ahead financially or take funds from our Christmas budget to make some gifts.

supply list

Christmas Pattern Paper
MTC a MUST- EVERY challenge will use MTC
8*10 picture frame
Picture frame any size - Take it off your wall. We'll let you put it back afterwards looking like a brand new frame!!!!!
chipboard - empty out cereal boxes, cracker boxers, whatever from your panty. Posterboard works good to!!!!
12*12 magnetic sheet - Use a cookie sheet!!
glass items – glass block, mirror, vase, candle holder, ANYTHING glass- think DOLLAR TREE they have tons of this stuff.LOL - Look around you. We are women, well most of us, don't tell me you don't have mirrors LOL
Candle votive (not to big)
silver paper - I guess if you are really desperate you could try aluminum foil?LOL
Crystal light container - koolaid container, beef jerky tube, tootsie roll tube (and I get the tootsie rolls LOL)
Snack cup – from applesauce, pudding, etc - Grab some pudding and feed it to the kid's . They'll love you and you get what you need!!!!
binder rings or hinges - use old Key Chains
eyelets and/or brads
ribbon - I guess you could take it off your best Sunday dress?LMBO
Printer (you are gonna need colored ink)
acetate/transparency film - clear plastic of like stickers and stuff, old cricut mat covers, page protectors, or if you want to deal with it syran wrap I guess would work to.LOL
pop dots - Look at discount stores such as walmart, dollar store, dollar tree in houseware. they have foam ones for around a $1 that I think would work fine.
one large jar that is big enough to slide your hand into. - Mayo jar, pickle jar, relish, or mason jar. If you can stick your hand in it, then it works.
blank tiles
¾ round magnets
1’ round flat glass pebbles (around 40 needed)
tea light candles prefer battery
Rhinestones– THIS IS PENDING THE NEW UPDATE BEING OUT. If the update isn't out this challenge/challenges will be removed so you might want to wait on it. Also i"d have around 100 rhinestones availabe if the update is out
vinyl or contact paper
Glass etching
Clock that can be taken apart - dollar store has these for 3.00 or take it off your wall.LMBO

OPTIONAL items that you may find helpful!!!!!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE THESE ITEMS!!!!!!

Christmas candies
Acrylic paint
Fabric paint
glitter paper
Glass paint
Glass Bulbs
T shirt
mod podge or another clear sealant
deep cut blade
fake snow- walmart USUALLY has this that you can brush on for like 2.00 in the craft department though I haven't seen it yet. You do NOT have to have this.
Scoring blade/tool (though this can be done in the machine if you know how)
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