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Am I the only one?

Bridge AceBridge Ace Member Posts: 62
edited January 2010 in General
I didn't buy my Cricut until I found software, first SCAL, then MTC, which would let me cut custom shapes. I have yet to cut anything from a Cricut cartridge (and my Expression came with two! I'm wondering if the cartridges even work! LOL


  • iggyloveriggylover Moderator Posts: 11,513
    Your'e not alone. Of course, I've only cut one project so far - but it was a MTC production the whole way. I look forward to many, many more especially with all the new updates Andy keeps making.

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  • rachellann_714rachellann_714 Member Posts: 848
    I have not used My cartridges in over 6 months I have 11 of the darn things and they are collecting dust.
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  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    That was my original plan! I looked at almost all the machines available at the time (end of 2008) and the Cricut seemed to be the sturdiest machine physically for the money. BUT, I (and more importantly, DH) am a little paranoid about warranties, so I patiently waited the full year. And in that year, I acquired 28 cartridges! But luckily for me, before my warranty was up and I was able to purchase SCAL2, MTC arrived!

    Still use my cartridges, but not nearly as much. Having too much fun designing my own stuff.
  • iowascrapmouseiowascrapmouse Member Posts: 26
    The first cut I made was from Plantin and I chose the most intricate of
    the designs....duh....
    I did not buy my Cricut until I found out about SCAL. I have 5 carts total,
    I think 3 came with the machine and 2 were from a rebate thing a year
    ago. One of them is My Community and I hate it, I'm going to give it
    to my MD. She has the little Cricut and I think she would get some use
    out of it.

    Hurray for MTC !!! I think MTC has SCAL running in circles trying to stay
    up to date with Andy....lol
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    I have one cartridge I think I've never used - Jubilee - it came in a package deal with Home Decor and my Jukebox. Just a bit boring. And I have cartridges I use TONS that I never thought I'd want - 50 States is REALLY COOL - all the birds and flowers plus lots of "hidden" wonders in the state flags.

    I do have a friend who bought a used original Cricut off of eBay specifically so she could use it with SCAL. She's been very happy with it. But she's also a power user of Illustrator, so she pretty much only uses SCAL for cutting.
  • The Biscuit ScrapsThe Biscuit Scraps Member Posts: 334
    I have 10 carts and want 2 more. I love the ones I have, but they just are not enough. I needed MTC. My favorite carts are:

    Everyday Paper Dolls; Joys of the Season; Pooh Font...it has baby Pooh characters on it.

    The two I want are Paper Dolls Dress Up and Graphically Speaking. When I have those two, along with MTC, I'm all set.

    I just think the carts are WAYYYYYY over priced. PERIOD.
  • grandmamichelfgrandmamichelf Member Posts: 372
    I got my Cricut Original on Thanksgiving at Michaels for $70. I bought two cartridges--Winter Woodland and Sweet Treats (mainly because nothing else made me go "I NEED THAT"). I've since purchased one other cartridge and it's so memorable that I can't remember which one it is. I have a total of 4. I had decided I was going to get SCAL for my Cricut since I only wanted a die cutting machine that I could use with my computer. Lucky me! I found MTC instead. After downloading SCAL's trial version, I was so confused that I just couldn't get it. MTC was much easier.

    I, too, think it's ridiculous how expensive the carts are. That's why I didn't buy the Cricut until now.
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  • AuntJAuntJ Member Posts: 193
    I purchased 8 carts when I got my cricut... I just returned them to the store for a refund! Now I have money to spend on supplies to use with MTC!! My hubby was extremely happy with that lol.
  • lucylogiclucylogic Member Posts: 104
    I had been toying with the idea of buying a cricut for a while now, but as I had the craft robo which only cuts just under 8" wide and less than A4 in length, I was actually losing quite a lot of card and paper, I had to buy the Expression. Now I can use all my A4 card that my robo couldn't go through. I can also cut 12x12's as well which is fantastic.

    My expression came with one cart, plantin schoolbook, but I've never used it yet. Downloaded trials of DS, SCAL and MTC but found I preferred MTC over the other two which is why I've bought it. Now getting to grips with the software. Designed my first square box and lid tonight complete with corner cuts to fit an accordian album that I've made for a class in a couple of weeks and am well chuffed with myself. I have no desire to buy any carts. Why waste money when you can design stuff yourself lol
  • waterrabbitwaterrabbit Member Posts: 2,217
    I look at the carts as more of a ready-to-use clipart collection. Sometimes, it is just faster to go to what you know and pull something together quickly. And, as I said, with paranoia over the whole warranty issue, you didn't expect me to be satisfied with Plantin Schoolbook and Accent Essentials for a full year???

    I have never and will never pay full price for a cartridge. In fact, I've rarely paid over $40 for any of them. And since they're ready to use, that's a bargain when compared with some of my actually clipart collection that need to be tweaked.
  • craftydivacraftydiva Member Posts: 265
    I have sold my carts too...lol I only have the wedding solutions which, as you say waterrabbit, is just the way to a quick card, I also have my friends copy of storybook if I need a quick number to go on a card.
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