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converting SVG files to PDF files???

angelcrafterangelcrafter Member Posts: 92
edited January 2010 in General
Hi everyone, have a basic question, I have googled and used a couple of trial programs online, but I am still having difficulty converting my svg images into PDF format.
Any one have any hints for me?? I'm getting frustrated, and I really need to get a couple of these files converted!!
Thanks for your help


  • stackyscrapsstackyscraps Member Posts: 1,084
    You can do it within MTC using the Print functionality!!! You will need to have a PDF print driver - I use Cute PDF because it is free, here is there site. http://www.cutepdf.com/products/cutepdf/Writer.asp
    Once you download and install, go into MTC and go to File-->Print and select the Printer name CutePDF Writer, a box will pop up then for you to choose a file name and save location, choose, pick save, and voila!! It works really well,I just tested it!! Hope this helps, if not let me know!!
  • angelcrafterangelcrafter Member Posts: 92
    THanks stacky scraps, I'm going to give er a whirl right now!! If I can get this to work, you will be my favorite person of the day!!! lol :)
  • angelcrafterangelcrafter Member Posts: 92
    I don't have a print option under file. is it on the update?? I am on my laptop and I only have the trial version on here...my desktop has the registered version....and I'm not sure if you can run the registered program on two computers...anyhoo...
    Or am I completely missing something entirely like the PDF driver...thats what I downloaded right???
  • angelcrafterangelcrafter Member Posts: 92
    OK, you are the best, I did it in inkscape. Thank you x 100,000,000.
  • stackyscrapsstackyscraps Member Posts: 1,084
    Happy to help!! You are probably on the older version of MTC (You can check in Help--> About Make the Cut!) Should be on 1.2.2 and I believe you can put it on two computers, developer just asks you only use it on one at a time!!
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