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will take requests.

rachellann_714rachellann_714 Member Posts: 848
edited January 2010 in General
Posted over in the wishlist section also

Hi All
will take request to do some files for mtc , It maybe some that you want but cant find it or some you have tried and can't get it done, I will do my best and of I can't do it I will be honest and tell you. I have a huge collectio of files that I use for other type of cutter work that I can change over at requests but too many just to count . Would be happy to help, I am a stay at home mom with kids in school all day and hubby works the late night shift so have plenty of time on my hands most days to play on the computer.
Owner of a 24" Silver Bullet Professional Series, 18" Black cat Cougar, uscutters MH871, Bosskut gazelle. I can help with start up.  for the Cougar and Lynx and the Silver Bullet Professional Series. http://thatsscrapinc.com/ http://thymegraphics.co.uk/


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