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Any coffee lovers?

spoink47spoink47 Member Posts: 3
I'm sort of confused. I have never really liked coffee, but I have been a coffee drinker for most of my life, mainly to fit in with friends in college who would sit in a coffee shop for hours chatting. After college I didn't drink it very often, but I never gave it up completely.

My place of employment moved from an Army base to an 8 story building a few years ago. There is a full service cafeteria, and a coffee bar. And lo and behold, for the first time in my life, I tasted coffee that I actually liked.

I can't tell you what it is, sorry. They have a goofy name for it. It's called "Jamaican Me Crazy." Best coffee I ever tasted. Smooth and great flavor. Only problem is, I don't like the vendor who sells it. It's a personal thing. She competed with the previous coffee guy, won the contract, hired him, then 60 days later she fired him after learning all his secrets. He was a buddy and I resented that on his behalf. She did the same thing to the food vendor, who was also a friend. So I don't like this lady at all.

Anyway, I discovered where she buys the coffee. It's from a coffee shop about 5 miles from my house. So I decided to buy it and make my own coffee every morning and stop giving her my money. I looked into coffee makers and thought I would get a Keurig single cup brewer. I only drink one cup of coffee a day, so that sounded like the way to go. Of course, the Keurig machines use something called a K-cup, which is a pre-packaged pod of coffee. You can get all kinds of flavors, even tea. But in the long run the pods are really expensive. Some of the flavors work out to $40 a pound!

You can also get a fake k-cup which you can fill with your own ground coffee. I was going to go that way, but after reading some reviews I decided to skip the Keurig machine. Mind you, all the reviews were really good. Apparently those are really excellent coffee machines. But I just didn't want to spend $100 to make one cup of coffee a day. And one of the reviewers mentioned an alternative that looked pretty good. It is the Hamilton Beach "The Scoop" single cup brewer.

It uses a scoop, instead of a k-cup. You put in some water, get a scoop of coffee and put the coffee and the scoop into the machine, push a button and a minute later it starts filling your 8 oz or 14oz cup with the hot coffee of your choice. I got a $25 Best Buy gift card from my son for Christmas and using that brought the price of The Scoop down to about $40. I also invested another $40 in a Mr. Coffee burr coffee grinder, so I can buy whole beans and grind them myself. Although it's a bit hard to clean it, I found this guide, helped me out a lot. 

Today was my first cuppa JMC from my new coffee brewer. It was so easy to use and the coffee came out perfectly. Yippee! No more running upstairs to buy coffee from "she who must not be named." Cleanup is a snap too. After the machine has cooled down, just remove the scoop and the secondary filter and rinse them out. Wipe off the rest of the machine and you're good to go for the next morning.

They say to run it with some white vinegar in it once a month for a more thorough cleaning. That shouldn't be a problem.

So far I'm really happy with my purchase and, as I said, the coffee is great. Even better than the stuff upstairs.


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 11,007
    @spoink47 - well you know what they say, better late than never!! I never enjoyed the coffees at work either, so every morning I brewed my own pot of coffee, one cup enjoyed with breakfast, the other put in my little insulated Starbucks travel mug to be enjoyed at work throughout the early morning.

    I discovered the joys of home brewing way back when I first moved west (early 80's) and a room mate introduced me to grind your own coffee brewing. We used a Melitta drip through coffee pot on the stove top, boiled water and pour through the cone shaped upper system. I had a Braun burr coffee grinder for years, when it died I replaced it with a second one. Over the years I have had every type of coffee brewer pot or system there is including about 4 different Keurig machines, including one called Mr. Coffee, it was red. The manufacturer replaced it due to some issue with an even cuter one. Still have that packed away in storage. Gave the son the big giant Keurig where you can connect to a water source or fill it up once a week or so when we retired. What do I use today? Believe it or not, a $10 mini pot from Walmart!! Remember, I have had many, many different brands, and for $10 it is the best dang coffee pot there is!

    In all honesty, coffee tastes best with the right combination of the right roasted bean (dark preferred, medium if I can't get the dark), the right temperature of water, the right water (most often city water is not the right water), a coffee brewing system that brews at the right water temperature, and even how you wash your mug or drinking vessel. And not a fan of pre-ground coffee, like how long has that been in a package sitting on a shelf? As my neighbour says, we are coffee snobs :) LOL! 

    I have never been a big fan of artificially flavoured coffees! If I want one that tastes like Baileys I put real Baileys in it. So for your JMC that would be real caramel, vanilla and coffee liquor! My absolute all time favourite has been Crème de Grand Marnier. This was a now discontinued Canadian blend of the classic orange flavoured Grand Marnier (like a cognac/liqueur)  and the finest rich cream. A Sunday morning favourite. Other flavours I might add to a fresh cup of coffee include any of the popular chocolate liqueurs. 

    I stuck with a couple of premium brands of bean coffees for many years, but am now living in southern British Columbia where there are hundreds of small family run coffee shops that have their own roast of coffees, literally every little town has one. My favourite blend right now is a combination of a local roast called Oso Negro (which means black bear) which I grind enough of to last 3 days, blended with an Italian coffee that my coffee snob friend brings me from her little mountain town where she buys it at an Italian family run grocery store (which is my favourite grocery store other than Basha's in Arizona). They have two brands of Italian coffee that I like, one has a chocolate note. Another famous area coffee is Kicking Horse. They even ship to the US, I think I have seen in grocery stores in AZ.

    That all said, I do have a pkg of JMC in my cupboard, I bought this at a farmer's market, so was locally roasted and flavoured. Stop by sometime and I can brew you a cup.

    One last word - told to me by a local roaster: yes it is fine to put your coffee beans in the freezer to store before you grind. Many will say, no never do that. This old hippie guy says the beans taste better after freezing. And the finer you grind the beans the stronger your coffee will be. A fine grind exposes more of the bean, so more flavour for the same amount of coffee!! And all brewed coffee should never be served more than 15-20 minutes old!

    Off to pour my second cup! Cheers!

    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
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