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Cricut Air 2 wont connect to any Bluetooth-DISREGARD FIXED

OfficerCaptainOfficerCaptain Member Posts: 1
edited March 26 in General
(FIXED)My Cricut Explore Air 2 wont connect to Bluetooth. I dont have a PC to use so my only option is my phone. When I go to Bluetooth on my phone the Cricut shows up and allows me to connect using the "0000" passcode but the power button never turns blue. And the device does not show up on Cricut Design Space to either "connect" or "pair". Anyone else have these issues or know of a solution? I already hard reset the device and updated the firmware after that twice. Still the same results. 

Turned out I had selected the incorrect Cricut machine type. While trying to connect Bluetooth if you dont select the correct device type in the Cricut Design Space app, the device you have "paired" through Bluetooth will not show up on the "connect" list......In case anyone else has the same issue. 
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,315
    Welcome to the Make The Cut software support forum. Make The Cut does not work with the Cricut Brand of cutters. You will need to contact Cricut support. Unfortunately, Provocraft did away with their official support forum years ago. If you do social media, you can find some Cricut Facebook groups to look for help.
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