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Cutting dollhouse miniatures - not supported by explore image too large

I'm trying to make dollhouse miniature labels for some small items that are about 1:6. I've already made the labels and printed them out but I would like to use my cricut explorer air 2 to do the hefty job of cutting the labels out. When I bring the image into design space it tells me "not supported by explore: image too large". And that's what I'm having trouble with. If I reduce the image size it's not going to cut out the labels correctly. The image size is 2550 x 3300. How do I go about getting this image to work with my cricut so I don't have to cut them out by hand? I did try uploading the image and clicking "save as cut image" instead of print then cut. But it still won't accept the image size. I'm really a noob at my cricut machine to be honest. I don't see how reducing the image size is going to work for my print out considering I have a whole image of the labels repeating from top to bottom. Isn't that going to make the cricut miscut the labels on the already printed paper? Or if I do print then cut; resizing them is going to make them not fit their designated item.


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,976
    edited February 7
    @rosie33 - like they say, you cannot stuff a square peg into a round hole. The image is too large, and DS will not load it. You cannot fool DS or trick DS into doing what it cannot =). Sad but true.

    To reduce the image - by the way that 2550 x 3300 is the pixel width and height, but the image is likely something like a 6 x 4 inch size meant to be printed on photo paper...the issue is with the number of pixels per inch. Likely something like 3300 divided by 6 = 550 DPI which is way too high for DS. You need to bring it down to a range of 150-300 DPI. You need a raster editing program to do that. Do you have something like Photoshop, AI, Gimp, Paint Shop Pro that you could use to do this?

    Also changing the DPI settings DOES NOT have to affect the actual physical size of what you want to print and cut, you are just downgrading the quality. You can PM if you want personal help with that.
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