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Ortur 20 w laser has anyone cut thin wood mm?

spudn56spudn56 Member Posts: 2
I’m going to be making 4x4 tiles and want to make a stand for it. Has anyone done a cut through and if so what was the thickness MM ? Is there a wood that works better than others?

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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,307
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    Welcome to he Make the Cut software support forum for electronic die cutting machines. It is not a generic forum nor in anyway related to lasers. There is an official Ortur Facebook page where you will get the best help for your Ortur. That said, I do have an Ortur laser and as a diode laser, they are not really meant to “cut” wood but more for engraving/burning items. This has been discussed regularly on the Ortur Facebook group.  If you wish to cut, you need a CO2 laser. Also, as a woodworker, I would suggest even if you could get it to cut, it would be on very thin wood, very slow, and a ton of passes. The thin wood needed would be to thin to provide good support for tiles I would believe. Many buy small cheap stands at the dollar stores.
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