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Need suggesstions!!!!!

PearPear Member Posts: 4
I'm looking to buy a polyimide tape to T-shirt Transfer.
Is this a good one?  www.amazon.com/dp/B08KW3CSNZ?ref=myi_title_dp
Never seen that big one!


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,299
    edited December 2020
    Welcome to the Make the Cut software support forum. This is your 3rd post in 3 days in 3 different subcategories claiming to ask the same question essentially and giving supposedly links to heat tape on Amazon.  If you have googled as you previously indicated, and this what you had found recommended, and it looks like from one image you already purchased some - then I would go with that.  Further, Amazon users often provide reviews so I would rely on those if I were concerned.

    There is little traffic here anymore AND very few did sublimation so you are not going to get much responses OR clicks on your links here.  I will say that pretty much any heat transfer tape intended to be used and found at any place that sells sublimation supplies should work fine.  I would also think that most folks obtain their supplies from a trusted source as I do. However, I believe your real motive is to try and get folks to click your links.  Like Liz, I don't click on links like this and I doubt that the few who still come here do either. @Gabe

    Go Vols!
    Cutting with 18" Silver Bullet and a KNK Force (the rest are collecting dust!)
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