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My Zing Air will not power on. Help/Advice needed.

JRavenJRaven Member Posts: 4
I have a Zing Air, and over the past few years, it has made about 5 passes/cuts. I stored it in a controlled environment, and in the original Box/Foam/Blocks and stops. I recently moved to Sweden from the US and unpacked it for a new job. I have the proper power supply and the cutter has been very well cared for, but suddenly it wont power on. No response whatsoever. 

I checked the power cord and see no noticeable damage, proper current supply, and no physical issues I can see. Everything slides and rolls and moves well. It simply wont respond when I press the power button. 

Any ideas? I would hate to loose this machine, and I have no idea where to get a repair in Stockholm. 

Any information would help. Thanks. 


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