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Silhouette Studio is messing up my designs! :(

bunheadgoodsbunheadgoods Member Posts: 3
I've got some designs I created in Procreate. They're great resolution PNGs, no flaws in them before I drop them into the Silhouette Studio software. Everything looks great and I am able to create a sticker sheet, add offsets, duplicate to fill the page - it all looks good to go! I've watched so many tutorials and I follow the steps to a T. Then, when I hit print and the print preview comes up, the lines are glitching as if there are missing pixels and they're getting accordion-ed together. I tried printing anyway and it's definitely an issue. It's not the printer, I use it for prints out of different programs all the time! Help. :( I spent a lot of money on investing in being able to print my own designs myself but I just can't seem to get it right. 


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