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How to cut layered font and pics in one Cut? (useing all the same color, Black and white)

SydneyAdrianSydneyAdrian Member Posts: 1
edited September 2020 in Help for Make The Cut
I have uploaded a logo i would like to use, i also had to add some custom font, and a border around it.  Now its all Black and white so i would like to cut it all on white and have the black hoodie complete the logo, But when i go to make it, cricut wants to split it up to do 3 separate cuts, is there any way i can merge it all together so i can do it on one cut?  i figured if i grouped it all together then weld it together it would keep it all as one but it keeps splitting it on me which will make every logo more time consuming and more difficult to press them on the hoodie


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,307
    Welcome to the support forum for the software program Make the Cut (MTC).  MTC is a 3rd party cutter software program that works with a variety of cutters but not the Cricut line of cutters. As a result, little if any Cricut users here.  In addition, it is an abandoned program by its developer so there is not a lot of activity on this board anymore unfortunately. Those two things combined is why you haven't seen any comments to your post.  That all said - I would suggest that your best source of help is either contacting Provocraft support if it is a new machine. (Go to their website and look for how to contact them.)  Unfortunately, PC did away with their official support forums years ago. Since there is no User Support forums, you can look for Cricut specific groups on Facebook and seek help there. Good luck.
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