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I am trying to import my PNG file. I was recently using Silhouette Designer to print PNG files for sublimation. It has so many bugs that the program is so slow and crashes a lot. From the tutorials I have seen, it says to use the pixel trace option. But I am having a hard time getting a clear image. How do I import the PNG file to look exactly how it looks to print for sublimation?


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,979
    @jannaprestage - what software are you using? If you are using Make The Cut!, it is not a software I would recommend for sublimation. Make The Cut! is a vector program that creates a cutting path to send that cutting instruction to an electronic cutting machine, similar to Silhouette Designer. For sublimation printing, I would use a program like CorelDraw, as it supports drivers supplied by companies that make the sublimation inks for printers, or the sublimation ink companies support CorelDraw. You need that detailed level in order to have a proper result. I wouldn't suggest Silhouette Designer either, sounds like it has problems too.

    When you bring a graphic into MTC, to see it properly, on the Mat Configuration, choose Contrast instead of Green, or go to File => Print Preview.
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,308
    Welcome to the Make the Cut software support forum.  As Liz asked, are you asking about the Silhouette program or MTC?  If MTC, one other thing to note that Liz didn't is that in MTC, the "preview" of an image on screen is not the "full blown" image. I t displays on screen in a little bit less to save on display and memory resources.  It does that by default, but you can change that in the software to display at full image.  Been a long time since I did it, I think it is under the help menu. If this is the issue you are having, check that along with the "contrast" mat.  You can also see how an image really looks for printing by doing a "print preview" and it will show you the full blown image correctly. That is what I would usually do when preparing an image for printing rather than cutting with MTC.

    As far as sublimation and using MTC for it - I would not be in full agreement with Liz.  Clearly, if you don't already own MTC, I wouldn't be looking to  purchase it for use with sublimation and would look for another graphics program.  Depending upon what sublimation ink and printer you are using - some have special drivers for their inks (Sawgrass and Sublijet for example).   Others use generic sublimation ink and use the print drivers on a regular printer (like an Epson art printer).  I have done sublimation for a number of years.  I have used the special printers and ink with special drivers, and I have used the generic sublimation inks with a standard epson printer.  During that time, even though I have Corel Draw and AI, I often used MTC because it was easier - especially when doing a pixel trace to easily pull in an image and get it how I wanted it and then used it direct from MTC to print to my sublimation printer(s).  That said, that was because I already owned MTC, and knew how to do it easily.  It is because MTC creates and uses Vector images, that made it easily useable with sublimation.  I never found that MTC didn't give me a good image for printing and heat setting.  Over the years, I found that it was easier (and cheaper) to work with the generic sublimation ink and regular printer without the "special drivers" that some of them require. I often had more problems with the "special sublimation inks, printers, and drivers" then with the generic ones.
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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,880
    Assuming you're using MTC, repeat what you've done but do NOT judge the onscreen appearance as what will print. Go to File>Print Preview and then see if that's not what you're hoping for.

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