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Heat press with Pro World? Or better to go with HPN?

Laurabeth128Laurabeth128 Member Posts: 1
edited May 2020 in General
Hey everyone. New to the forum as well as the world of heat pressing. We want to get a heat press and keep the cost under $1,000. I have been pleased with reviews of customer service for both HPN and Pro World but am finding that Heat Press Nation is more widely known. Definitely finding better prices with Pro World and wanted to get some advice here. I was considering the TransPro 15x15 along with the 3in1 mug press with ProWorld. My husband wants a hat press and HPN offers a 5in1 with hat press. But we are looking at $275 more just for that hat press attachment in the HPN signature series. Any thoughts or insight is greatly appreciated!

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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,904
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    @Laurabeth128 - welcome to the world of Make The Cut! a software program for cutting machines (does not work with heat presses), There are few people that use heat presses that are also cutter users, however Make The Cut! is an almost obsolete software and no one comes here anymore, so your post will fall on deaf ears (blind eyes?). You'll do better to do a Google search, no doubt how you found us, look on the t-shirt website (lots of heat press guys and users there - likely the largest forum of its kind). And my suggestion, you're gonna pay now or pay later, the accessories for heat presses always tend to be higher priced in my opinion, the typical bait and hook approach. Bundled deals are usually a good value. Press quality, not got any knowledge of that, only that swing away ones are better ergonomically but take up more space to use. Good luck!
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,301
    The “all in one” type presses are not typically the best. I would recommend that you consider what it is your primary purpose is you want to use the heat press for, and get just that press for now. So, if I want to be able to do T-shirts primarily, get a large flat press that will let you do that (and other flat items that will fit in the press.) However, make sure that the press size is big enough to do the largest size item(s) you want, some of the smaller sizes do not allow for full pressing on some objects like larger shirt sizes. 16x20 is better than a 15x15.  If you are hoping to use for a business, then when you make enough money, get the next press you want be it a mug press, a hat press, etc. I also recommend a swing away press or a drawer style because it is easier to work with the heat then a clam shell press for shirts. Going my recommended route, separate presses, will be more $, but you get better quality and can work them separately as needed.
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