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Using MTC with Pazzles Inspiration - not even close..

BeargfrBeargfr Member Posts: 1
So, looking for a better software tool to use with my Pazzles Inspiration, I discovered and decided to try MTC.  I downloaded it, installed in (in demo mode only), on my Windows 10 64-bit machine.
I made a simple pattern, and then tried "cutting" it (actually using the pen tool on paper) to give it a test run.
I'm attaching two images to this post:   the first is a screen shot of the pattern I created in MTC, the second is a photograph of what the machine actually produced.  I should say "was producing" --- what you see in the second image is the point it had gotten to after running continuously for at least 20 minutes before I decided "enough was enough" and turned it off.
What the blazes?


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,622
    edited February 26
    @Beargfr - so what software were you using previously? What happens with cuts in that software, you said you're looking for better, so that suggests that maybe that software didn't behave either? What plugin did you download to install for MTC? They are here:


    What were your other settings in the plugin? Did you try reinstalling your Pazzles software, it would install the required driver for Windows.

    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,596
    @Beargfr, Just to be sure, did you download a plug-in for your cutter, when you downloaded MTC?  If not, then MTC wouldn't know what commands to use to control your cutter.

    Also, you should be aware that MTC is getting very long in the tooth, with no support from the author.  If you should decide to purchase MTC, this forum, and a few FB groups, would be your only source of help for the program.  Which isn't a bad thing because there are a lot of people who absolutely love MTC and have quite a bit of experience with it.  Luckily for you, MTC works with the Pazzles.  It doesn't work with quite a few of the newer machines out there.

    I would also caution you, regarding a sister program named Popup Card Studio.  It is a great program for those people who want to create popup cards.  Unfortunately, it also has been left to grow old by the developer.  Word is that you can't access the PCS site and if you plunk down your money for it, you will be frustrated because you can't get a valid registration code for it any longer. That might be a temporary set back, or - for all I know - there is no more support for PCS from the company.  

    At any rate, if you want a program that is still being updated and supported by the developer, and is also a bit like MTC, you might try Sure Cuts a Lot aka SCAL.

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