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Received wrong key after purchase

mhmagicmhmagic Member Posts: 2
I purchased a key to Popup Card Studio, but was sent a key to Make The Cut!.
The key I have received begins with MTC. According to another post, it should start with PCS.
I tried MTC and the key works there, but I have no use for MTC, because I have the Cricut Maker.
The ticketing system doesn't seem to work and I get no response from anybody.
What can I do to receive the correct license key I paid for?


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,251
    Unfortunately, the only thing I know is to try to reach out to a volunteer, @SBryanW and see if he can help sort you out.  You can try to email him as well - you can find his email on his profile page here:
    The ticketing system has not worked for a while unfortunately.

    One note, since you already went ahead and used the MTC key, I am not sure how they can handle that.  However, I also wanted to point out that even though you have the Cricut Maker, you can still use MTC, just not directly with the Maker. You can create files with MTC (it's tracing feature is still one of the best available) and then export the file out to an SVG file which can be imported into the Cricut programs for use on their cutters.

    Please also note, just like MTC, PCS has not been worked on or updates provided in years now by the developer and generally the only help and support for these programs are what is provided here by fellow users who still check in and try to answer questions here on the forum which is still being provided by the developer.
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  • mhmagicmhmagic Member Posts: 2
    Hi MeFlick

    Thanks for your response. As for MTC, I directly unregistered it after testing out, if the key works with the wrong software. I have absolute no interest in MTC, because I'm happy with Inkscape and Design Space. 
    I'm gonna try to contact SBryanW and hope for the best. 

    I was aware, that PCSs last update is from 2015, but tested the demo version enough to know, that it works and fulfills my current needs. The only thing I couldn't test, is the result and how well that works with design space.

    Its a shame this is such a niche market and therefore there are no alternatives. Popup card designer pro doesn't support the import of vector graphics :-(

    thanks again and merry christmas (soon)
  • GuessWho530GuessWho530 Member Posts: 1
    I too have this issue, I already sent Bryan an email, but I hope I can get my copy to work soon.
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,595
    @mhmagic, how did you learn about popup card studio?
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