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Cameo 4/12" not Tracking

htrowrodhtrowrod Member Posts: 1
I am trying to cut a 27" piece of Oracle 651 glossy material. I align the 12" wide piece of vinyl centered under both pinch rollers. Now I am selecting Silhouette Oracle 651 for my material. I had trouble cutting deep enough earlier so I changed some cutting parameters. changed the knife from 1 to 2, pressure from 10 to 18 and speed from 5 to 3. It starts tracking well, then after it gets toward the middle of the sheet(about 14" the right-hand side of the material is moving left out from under pinch roller, By the time it gets to 24" it comes out from under the roller.
 All help will be greatly appreciated.


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,316
    First, welcome to the Make the Cut software support forum. It looks like you have just joined and posted here.  So I am going to venture that you are not using MTC software and are simply looking for help with your cutter?  

    If that is the case, you will probably get the best help from a Silhouette specific support group.  Unfortunately, Silhouette does not provide an official support forum like this one.  Your best best is either contacting Silhouette directly, or finding a support group on Facebook which is where most Silhouette groups are that I am aware of.  There used to be one users helping users group that I knew about similar to this one, but I am not even sure if it is still active.

    If per chance, you are using MTC - it is still an issue with the cutter rather than the software being used so your best help is still going to be one of the above suggestions.
    Go Vols!
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