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HELP with minc foil printing!

owenallyowenally Member Posts: 1

I am in desperate need of help! Any insights or troubleshooting suggestions welcome.

Has anyone found the temperature of the room you are in to affect the outcome of the print? Is it possible to receive a bad roll of foil?

I started foiling my wedding invites on Saturday and they were turning our beautifully! but I ran out of foil and had to order more. I received the new rolls and began to work on them again last night but they were not coming out at all the way they had before. The only variables that have changed are the foil roll and location I foiled. Saturday I was at my parents house and theirs is a well insulated environment, but last night I was at my house and it is super drafty. We also were amidst our first freeze and it was definitely way colder inside my house than in my parents. 

I stopped after about 10 because I only have so many extra, but I will be going back to my parents house to test the enviromental theory, but if anyone has experienced anything like this please let me know!

I am using copper iCraft deco foil and my prints are from cardsandpockets.com


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,599
    edited November 2019
    Not an answer to your question, but have you heard of the Foil Quill from We Are Memory Keepers (WRMK)?  Here's a link to the Facebook group: 

    It is a heated tool that fits into your cutter and allows you to make very intricate foiled designs. Pretty much everyone who has switched to the Foil Quill says it is a wonderful tool and they are extremely pleased with it.

    I'm sure someone will see your question and offer some suggestions or insights.  I just wanted to mention that there is a "new kid on the foiling block," so to speak. :)
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