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Blade Carriage on Silhouette Cameo broken - where to get replacement part

HarryfHarryf Member Posts: 4
Hi there!

My wife has a Silhouette Cameo.  I don't know the series number, but it is before the one that has a dual blade carriage.  

As you all know and as my wife demonstrated to me this afternoon, the blade holder fits into this blade carrier by sliding in from the top.  The bottom front section of the carriage into which the blade holder slides has two "prongs" that protrude to the front at a right angle to the blade holder.  I hope you understand what I mean by that.  A blue thingy covers these prongs, and by turning the blue thingy, the blade holder is gripped tightly in the carriage.

Still hope it makes sense...

Anyway, one of those prongs broke off at the junction with the main "body" of the carriage into which the blade holder fits.  

I tried gluing it in place, but none of the glues that I'd used holds on the material that the carriage is made of.

The end result is obviously that the blade holder does not stay in place as it is not securely clamped in place.

My questions are the following:

1. Is the carriage a part that can be replaced?  I cannot find any parts diagram or parts manual for the cameo, nor does my friend Google return anything about the carriage as a part that one can buy.
2. Does anyone know what kind of glue would work on the synthetic material that the carriage is made of?

Thank you very much for having taken the time to read to here...  I sincerely hope someone can help me.

Kindest possible regards


Best Answer


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,458
    @Harryf = welcome to the Make The Cut! software support forum. We do not support hardware, to get support for your specific cutter contact Silhouette America or an authorized reseller (local scrapbooking store, etc.) of Silhouette America products. I would suggest that replacement parts such as you describe are only available directly through Silhouette America:

  • HarryfHarryf Member Posts: 4
    Thank you Liz!

    Sorry about that - I may have seen that you do not support hardware had I looked at what was going on in the forum... 

    I'll contact them directly, then.  Thanks for the link!

  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,458
    @Harryf - yes we may discuss hardware, but we don't support as you need, that's not the scope of the support we provide. We can help with hardware issues when you have the blade over exposed, eg, or you're not using enough pressure or too much pressure, but not broken bits, LOL! I'd try crazy glue...or just purchase another cutter, the Cameo 3's are dropping in value as there is now newer models of the Cameo.
  • HarryfHarryf Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Liz!  I already tried the glue, and it worked for all of 50% of my wife's first cut...  Too bad... I'll have a look at prices of a complete new cutter, then sit down with a cup of decaff something - and then maybe surprise my wife with a new dual blade carriage (attached to a new body...)...  hehe Thanks for the tips and time spent with me!
  • HarryfHarryf Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the latest post, Liz!  I decided not to simply buy a new cutter but to rather tell my wife about your suggestion (which has since become my own great idea, of course... ;) ) and then buying one.  This was in case she'd had the same great idea and we'd ended up with two cutters and me having to join that Facebook group to sell one... hehe  We may end up going for the 4 as it seems to be able to cut heavier stuff...  Decision time...  Cheers!
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