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Cutting Coffee Filter Paper - HELP

tashanertashaner Member Posts: 2
New user here and need some help.. Cameo3 w/autoblade

I have a recurring project that requires 50 simple shapes to be cut from coffee filter paper. I created an SVG file and it cuts perfectly on copy paper. The issue comes with the more fibrous and fragile coffee filters. I'm using a low-tack mat and have the machine set to blade 1, force 15, speed 4 and the lines set to over-cut (to avoid issues at the corners).

The problem is that it just tears up the paper; maybe 1 in 15 actually cut OK. I thought about using the normal mat, but I think the issue would then be removing the cut pieces. I've played with blade depth, force and speed to no avail.

Any help out there?


  • tashanertashaner Member Posts: 2
    BTW I just tried lowering the force quite a bit. Better, but still quite a bit of tearing, plus it didn't cut all the way through

  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,598
    I'm not a Cameo user. But when I was testing a very delicate Japanese paper for a customer on one of the cutters I support, I found that it required a VERY low pressure (13 on a scale from 1 - 255) and four passes. Note that this cutter has about 6 times the maximum cutting force of a Cameo 3, so this material required a VERY gentle approach.  I had never before needed 4 passes on any type of paper or cardstock but this particular paper was so susceptible to tearing. 

    Thus, if I were experiencing the same thing you're describing, I would be using the least amount of blade exposure to penetrate the coffee filter (I assume a Blade setting of 1 is the lowest already?), a lower force, but then more passes. Start with 2 and that will probably do it.

    Also, always takes notes when testing a new material so that you don't repeat the same settings and also  document the results of each test.  It really helps optimize the settings plus you'll have those notes if you ever cut the same material again.

    Good luck! 
    Sandy McCauley
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