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SVG File Help

I have the Brother Design-N-Cut (DC200).  I found a free SVG file on the internet that I would like to use.  It has a small image, and some words above and below the image.  The words (and in some cases each letter) are different colors.  My question is, how do I fix this image where I can cut each word (or in some cases each letter) with a different color of vinyl?  I am so totally lost.  :( 


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    Its a little difficult to advise without seeing the file
    If your unable to ungroup in Brother canvas application you may need to alter the svg file  as canvas does appear to have a break apart function

    if you have Make the cut software Import then Break then export as new svg

    If not try inkscape which is a free vector edition software
    open the file  select the objects and Object > Break Apart
    check you can select each individual part of the design
    save as a new file name
    and import to canvas
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    In order to cut things in different colored vinyl, you would need to load and cut vinyl of different colors for each part of the design that you want to be a different color.  Say you have a design that has 6 colors in it.  To create that in vinyl, you'd need 6 different colors of vinyl and you'd have to load each one onto the cutting mat separately, and then cut out whatever is going to be that color.  I have a KnK Zing, which has 3 different cutting modes; Knifepoint, WYSIWYG, and Print and Cut.  Knifepoint is very good for this type of work because you can use scraps of vinyl.  The blade origin will determine where the cutter will cut the design on the mat.  The image below is from page 32 of the KnK Zing user manual.  It shows how to use MTC to cut several vinyl scraps in different colors.

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