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Buying knk or silver bullet or black cat cutters in the uk

geekinesisgeekinesis Member Posts: 45
it looks like silver bullet is no longer available from thyme graphics who unfortunately closed down their warehouse due to health reasons. Also the knk uk website no longer exists and the USA knk site doesn’t appear to have any machines for sale...
am I missing something or is it now not possible to buy decent craft cutters in the uk?


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,228
    edited September 2
    You can still buy the Silver Bullet Cutter from the US distributor and have it shipped internationally. You can find that site at: https://silverbulletcutters.com/ The Black Cat was the predecessor to the Silver Bullet line and is no longer available, has not been for several years.

    It is my understanding that The owners of KNK USA have decided to retire. Their son Chad, has setup a new company (plottergeeks.com I think) to sell new cutters, the Skycut. @SandyMcC can give more details and info. on those and whether they will ship internationally. 
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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,598
    Ideally, Skycut will find a dealer in the UK. They have been doing trade shows all over the world this past year + and have signed on dealers in a number of countries.  But they haven't done one in the UK yet.  

    Before the owners of KNK USA retired, they did sell Skycuts and sold out rather quickly.  And I believe two different people in the UK bought the C models. But I don't know if PlotterGeeks is wanting to continue to sell overseas because it can be problematic if, down the line, a part needs to be replaced. Plus shipping and VAT makes the price so much higher.

    I've been using two Skycut models almost exclusively now for a year and they are really nice cutters... very fast and extremely accurate with the auto PNC. It uses a camera versus an optic eye so it doesn't have to scan back and forth. Also, the camera allows for use of darker materials as well as transparent and the reg marks can be extremely small. 

    If you have any questions, do ask.  But again, because you're in the UK, it's probably best you try to find a brand sold there.  Check to see if GCC cutters are available... I've read decent reviews of them.
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  • geekinesisgeekinesis Member Posts: 45
    That’s a shame, silver bullet and knk were the only ”professional” machines with high cutting force etc. I’ll see what I can find under the gcc brand but so far it looks like the gcc machines are similar to the silhouette style? Or gcc vinyl cutters. Both with low cutting force. 

  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,575
    @geekinesis, take a look at this new cutter.  It is a powerful machine.
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