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Black Cat Cougar cutter and vinyl

grannymarygrannymary Member Posts: 4
Hello, I'm so sorry if this is not the correct forum, I have the original black cat Cougar machine, but have not used it for quite a while.
My question is, my son has asked me to cut a vinyl sticker for his car, I have never cut vinyl on any machine and wonder if anyone would be so kind enough to point me at a tutorial for this - do I just stick the vinyl to the machine mat as I would card? (I have never bought it before so not even sure what to get!) I am in the UK
Also I assume the pressure setting would be very low. Any advice would be so welcome, I'm in my 70's and not as sharp as I used to be.
many thanks

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  • grannymarygrannymary Member Posts: 4
    thank you so much for taking time to reply, my son has an old Porsche car  and it is to go on a piece of windscreen that fits between the seats as a wind deflector when the top is down - as I understand!
    - so it is to go on a transparent glass surface. I have hopefully made a cutting file but have never tried or even seen info for cutting with vinyl. 
    So as I understand, the vinyl backing would stick to the mat and I would cut the design at a very low pressure remove from the mat and adhere to the  glass making sure that I had the correct type of vinyl - hope it's as straightforward as that!
    I was a member of Thymegraphics forum in UK but I can't find it now. I have not used my machine for several years as my late husband was ill with Alzheimer's and then went into a home so I had no inclination except to be with him.
  • grannymarygrannymary Member Posts: 4
    thank you again for your help and the links-  I will see how I get on! 
  • signgodsigngod Member Posts: 23
    just go to most of the walmarts and in the office supply part they sell the circut brand vinyls that you just feed in or stick to your mat. yeah you do need to play with the blade depth and the down force.. or look a local sign supply and ge the vinyl a whole lot cheaper.. then there is amazon but you need to buy it in 10 yards to save the best money.  you can also buy the tee shirt material. cut your design in reverse and just iron it on with your iron on the highest setting.... my last thoughts would search youtube.com for help if anyone else has the same cutter they make videos.. if you make your video and post it up to help others. 
  • grannymarygrannymary Member Posts: 4
    thank you signgod for your advice xx

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