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anybody able to buy MTC lately?

studiomstudiom Member Posts: 1
I'm trying to buy MTC.  I entered my info in Digital River and clicked buy but nothing happened.  What gives? 

I've been unable to contact ANYBODY in Sales and Customer support.  What gives?


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,238
    edited July 2019
    Not sure. The owner and creator of MTC has not done any updates or anything to it in a number of years now unfortunately. Last I also had heard, the ticket support system was not working correctly. So I assume it is possible that they have finally pulled it from the market all together but nothing has been stated here. Not sure if @SBryanW is around and can provide any insight or not.

    if looking for a 3rd party software program that works with most of the cutters on the market, and is still regularly updated, I would suggest you check out SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot.) as much as it pains me to have to post that here. 😔🤭😢😕
    Go Vols!
    Cutting with 18" Silver Bullet and a KNK Force (the rest are collecting dust!)
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,458
    Well @studiom, we don't manage Digital River, so you will have to battle things out with them, sorry you are on your own on this one.

    I wouldn't buy MTC anyways (and I am their biggest fan), as you can no longer get a discount on the purchase, and as MeFlick pointed out it is not being supported.

    For $20 less you can get Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL), that IS being supported, IS being updated, and IS compatible with current models of cutters. SCAL, like MTC, is not compatible with SnC cutters nor is it compatible with Cricut cutters. The list for what is supported, is huge. My advice, don't waste your time or money with MTC.

  • TammyJTammyJ Member Posts: 370
    I have a SnC and use SCAL all the time. The only thing you can't do is direct cut. You have to export is all but it's no big problem.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,458
    @TammyJ - how you are using SCAL is exactly what I meant by what I said "SCAL, like MTC, is not compatible with SnC cutters nor is it compatible with Cricut cutters." You cannot cut directly from SCAL to your cutter. You can export an SVG from SCAL to be used in the cutting programs for SnC and Cricut cutters. People buy SCAL and then can't figure out why it won't cut to their cutter.

    I always make that clear so there are no surprises. For example, read just yesterday or today, someone complaining, loudly and rudely, because they bought SVG files from one of the top selling SVG file websites and they were waiting for something to be snail-mailed to them...so they could use it with their ancient Cricut (now not supported at all by ProvoCraft). It only takes cartridges...which are also not being produced any more.
  • signgodsigngod Member Posts: 23
    i just got my latest version about 2 months ago and works fine... try opening your original email, left mouse click and drag to the end of your key to highlight. keeping your mouse over the highlighted key, right click and press copy.. go the the help on make the cut in the register make the cut on the top line. at the window left click. then right click your mouse and press paste.. that should get you registered fine. I hopes this help you if you still have this problem. if you do and still need help I can help you with the software called team viewer 14..  email me at 

    [email protected] if you need me to help you
  • signgodsigngod Member Posts: 23
    edited September 2019
    sorry for the edit, that link is dead
    Post edited by signgod on
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,458
    @signgod - hey signgod, welcome to the Make The Cut! software forum. Why are you sharing a link to the DigitalRiver website, it's an empty cart, and dead page. I don't get your intentions here.
  • signgodsigngod Member Posts: 23
    I am new and that's where i just got my MCT 2 months ago... if it is dead then I am sorry for sending the dead link

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