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Necklace Display!

If anyone else here makes jewelry like I do, here's a file you may be interested in!  I made this several years back and finally got it listed in my etsy shop tonight.  It's so nice not to have to buy busts anymore, and I can cut these out of whatever paper I want, to fit any style necklace.  
Here's a few pictures...and no, I didn't make these necklaces.
I just used a twist tie in the back because it was right there, string would probably be nicer :)

If anyone is interested in this file, you can purchase it from my etsy shop, www.RoseOfSharonDigital.etsy.com (and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post my shop link in here or not, so please tell me if I need to remove it).

I love being able to make my own props and displays!  Yay for customization and being able to make something instead of running to the craft store to buy it!

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I am a famous artist, I just haven't been discovered yet!
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