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stitched frame

ahuntingahunting Member Posts: 663
I'm trying to make "stitched" frames using the dashed lines. I've searched the site and can't find any instructions.  Julie?  or someone?


  • PennyPenny Member Posts: 2,236
    @juliefes or @SandyMcC Hopefully you can help her.
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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,647
    I need to see your file (a posted screenshot from MTC will be fine) and know how long you want the stitched lines to be. Also, are these stitched lines going to be cut out "curved rectangles" or drawn with a pen / embossed with a scoring tool, whereby they're not rectangles but single lines?  More details will definitely lead to better instructions.  :)

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  • LaurieBLaurieB Member Posts: 187
    edited May 2019
    Make the shape for your frame, then make an inset shadow. Select the "stitch" line, right click, and change the line to dashed. Adjust dash lines and spacing to your preference.

    cutting with Cameo
  • ahuntingahunting Member Posts: 663
    edited May 2019
    thanks @LaurieB .  That's what I was doing but kept thinking the center needed to be empty. But as long as it cuts out, who cares, right? So, is there a way to make a heart with a pointy stitched line? meaning a point at the center top instead of a flat space.

  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,525
    @ahunting - there aren't any specific tools to make it exactly what you want by dialing in some settings, it's really a matter of playing with the dash and space lengths, in my experience. Try doing a nested duplicate with your first result, see if there is a difference in one of them that appeals. 
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  • hadhad Member Posts: 55
    Do you mean something like this? I did this by creating a straight line above a heart and changing the line to "dashed". Then wrapped it to the heart design by using the control key to drag the line to the heart. You have to change some settings in the wrapped dialog to get it to do this. I used "repeat" "warp" and "flatten" If this isn't what you're after, then I'm mistaken.

    You also want to put the heart shaped line to it's own layer.
  • hadhad Member Posts: 55
    edited June 2019
    Another way of making a stitched line type look would be to draw your heart and then use the SHADOW function and play with the line style on the shadow layer. This is the same as LaurieB said in a post I missed until just now!(sorry about that, Laurie) Card makers will give a stitched look by only showing the poke holes and not the thread. I'm thinking that you could do something similar by adjusting the settings in the DASH dialog...
  • ahuntingahunting Member Posts: 663
    thank you @had and everyone!  especially for the file!!!! sorry it's been so long getting back to you.  Merry Christmas!!
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