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Please help: Help converting MTC Files

SharaShara Member Posts: 7
edited April 2019 in General
Hi, I own a cricut and have the mtc software purchased long before you could no longer buy. I have been a member of Make the Cut since 2011 and used to be active and addicted but somehow after starting a family, crafting was put to the side. I am back crafting and so excited. I do have a question and would very much appreciate help-I just logged in to access some old make the cut files and wondered how I can bring some of my files over into cricut design space? is that even possible? Can I still design using mtc? I used to use my computer as stand alone with make the cut and also used my ancient cricut that still works. I would really like to become more active on MTC again but would also like to use my cricut again if possible. Any insight or help is very much appreciated. Thank you


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,252
    First, welcome back.  Second, understand that even though you have an old version of MTC, MTC its self has not been updated or had anything added to it since about March, 2013.  :(   As a result, there are newer programs with additional features and tools that MTC may not have that you may be interested in at some point.

    What version of MTC do you have?  Check to see if it has an "export to SVG" option under the file command - I think all the versions did, but I can't recall for sure (Memory doesn't work like it used to.  ;) )  If you can, then you can export files out of your MTC to an SVG file and import the SVG file into the Cricut Design Space. If you can do that, then you could still use MTC to design and then export out as SVG.  However, if you have a pretty old version of MTC, you may not have all the tools and features that the last version of MTC has.  This also means that if you download a MTC file someone shared, that was created in a newer version, you may not be able to open the file with your old version. However, it is possible to run two versions of MTC on one computer, or you can have one version on one computer, and the newer version on a different computer (using the same license info. you are just not allowed to run both at the same time on different computers.)  If you are interested in doing that, then you would need to search the forums and the old webinars for the details/instructions on how to do that.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,579
    @Shara - and I echo MeFlick's sentiments, welcome back.

    Do be aware that many changes have happened over in the Cricut world. Support for all older models of Cricut has been removed. Support for the online program that worked with older models of Cricut has been removed (Cricut Craft Room) - so your old Cricut may not work in Design Space. If you are using MTC to cut to your older Cricut, you want to safeguard that with a good backup, or go back to using cartridges, as that is all the is used, and if I understand correctly Cricut no longer is making cartridges.

    On the good side, the current software being used with the newer supported Cricut cutters will now allow you to upload SVG files to their cloud service Design Space. MTC can make SVG files out of any file that it supports, so that's good news too. Here is the annoucement from 2018 in regards to the legacy Cricut cutters.


    And what they consider legacy machines:

    What qualifies as a legacy machine?

    • Any machine that was created before the Explore family of machines qualifies as a legacy machine as it is not compatible with our current design software, Design Space. The first Explore machine launched in 2014.
    • Cricut no longer produces these machines. Legacy machines include Cricut Personal, Create, Expression, Expression 2, Mini, Cake, Cake Mini, and Imagine.
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