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Desktop or laptop for MTC and Zing [Resolved]

1cardcreator1cardcreator Member Posts: 853
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I’m pretty sure my desktop computer died, I only hear the fan running on it. Hoping for suggestions as to what to replace it with. I was using Windows 7, I think I read that Windows 10 doesn’t work well with MTC or the Zing, I can’t remember. Pros/cons, recommendations would be appreciated. Not sure if I need to stay with the desktop or switch over to a laptop. I also ran the Craft Artist 2 program, hoping I can retrieve it. I would love to hear what you all are using. Thanks, ~Diane
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,495
    @1cardcreator - no idea where you would have heard anything negative about Windows 10 not working well with MTC or Zing - let's put that ridiculous myth to bed right now! It is NOT TRUE!!! There are likely more people using Windows 10 now than all other versions of Windows (ever)combined, and very, very successfully. So don't be tied to the past, move with the future, Diane! Where have you been??? =)

    Laptops are traditionally twice the price of a desktop with comparable specifications. Today's laptops are lighter than ever, and versatile. If you are going with an Intel version, minimum would be i7 generation, 8 GBs of RAM, and an SSD hard drive (Solid State Drive - no moving parts, much faster) and at least 15 inch monitor, and Windows 10 Pro. The number of USB ports would be a consideration for me, if you have more than a couple of devices you want to connect or things to charge, etc, otherwise you need a USB hub, lots just have 2 USB ports. Also they usually don't have CD drives anymore, consider that if you have software to install from CDs.
  • 1cardcreator1cardcreator Member Posts: 853
    Thanks @Liz_A I’ve been living under a rock I think. My desktop is prehistoric, originally from 2000. My son put a lot of new guts in it over the years, motherboards, memory, ssd card and graphics card that I can think of. So I’m about 19 years in the past. I’m looking at gaming computers, as that’s what comes up when I search for i7..Looking at the prices of $1400-$1800 for desktops puts laptops out of my reach. Hoping I can connect to my current screens for now. Thanks for giving me a place to start from, my son is out on a mission with the military, he was my computer go to. Thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate it. I trust you way more than a store salesman. ~Diane
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,495
    @1cardcreator - well I just read, Diane =). And to be truthful, I also look for sales, bargains, good deals. My desktop case is likely as old as yours is. The insides were updated likely 4 years ago, and then 2 years ago I did the upgrade to Windows 10. I have 2 terabyte hard drives in it, and when I run out of space on them, it will be time to upgrade again, LOL! We were to retire last fall, sell the house and move away, but my in laws are fairing poorly, so we have delayed in order to spend time with them. At 95 and 88, neither is going to be with us for much longer, one in extended care and the other in assisted living but has just been reassessed and may need more care. When we do retire, I will likely just use a laptop, but it will still need a keyboard, mouse and regular monitor, LOL!!

    Here are a couple of links, much better pricing.



    These are refurbished units. Don't let that scare you off...you still get full warranty from the time of purchase, you just realize some great savings, and they have been fully restored by the manufacturer to factory specs. I use the Canadian equivalent of this website all the time, but originally did buy off this site before the Canadian one was launched. The insides of my computers have come from here for many years.
  • 1cardcreator1cardcreator Member Posts: 853
    @Liz_A Thank you so much for looking for these for me, that was really kind and thoughtful. I’m sorry to hear about your in-laws failing health, enjoy the time you have left with them. My daughter in law found me one on Amazon already. You were right, the ones I was looking at were way too expensive. And she talked me into going to a laptop and assured me I could still use my keyboard and mouse. Lol. Thanks again, I really trust your opinion as I know you are very knowledgeable on all of this. ~Diane
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,495
  • WinnieWinnie Member Posts: 70
    Thank you so much for the computer information Liz!! Unfortunately, I saw it the day my new computer arrived. But I have not yet opened the computer so I may be able to return it. My sons chose this laptop computer for me after I told them which software I would like to run on it and since it was on sale last week, I ordered it.
    It has the 8GB memory/128GB SSK but the core is i5 and the display is 13.3" and I think its the regular version of Windows 10. Is this going to be a problem for using MTC? I don't know much about computers and was using MTC on an older laptop which "died." Thank you for your help!
  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,634
    @Winnie, I just bought and set up a Dell XPS 9370 and it's working fine. I had to do the adjustment for tiny icons in MTC, but I expected any new computer to require that. So far, so good!
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,495
    @Winnie - I think you are good, this new computer should be able to manage MTC just fine!! Have fun!
  • WinnieWinnie Member Posts: 70
    Thank you so much Sandy and Liz!!!!
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