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Print and Cut images

crissysissycrissysissy Member Posts: 1
I love the print and cut capabilities that the Cricut offers. I am attempting to join several images to create iron on's for pillow covers. I have four items I want to print and cut as one piece. How do I go about doing this? I used weld but the pieces were cut (so it wasn't 1 item but 4 that were cut).
Thank you for any and all help.


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,595
    Welcome to the Make-The-Cut! user support forum.  The primary focus of this forum is helping people who use the digital design and cutter control program named Make-The-Cut!  That leads to the question, are you a MTC user?

    Also, you did not mention which Cricut you're using.  ProvoCraft, the company that produces that cutter, sued the makers of MTC more than once, to try and remove the option of using MTC with their cutters.  Even so, there are still some Cricut users who use MTC, although their numbers have dwindled due to ProvoCraft's attitude regarding 3rd party software.  So, you may get an answer to your question here,  but it is more likely that you would get the answer by finding a group or support site for the Cricut.
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